Monday, December 26, 2005


Mike Holmgren’s press conference today was fantastic. Holmgren’s pressers are one of the best part of my year. He is insightful, straightforward and interesting.

Today was particularly outstanding. Here are the highlights.

· The quote of the press conference was, “I have been fortunate enough to coach 3 hall of fame quarterbacks, and maybe 4, let’s hope so.” Wow that is quite a comment. My article in the PI this week will be about Holmgren the QB maker.

· Holmgren talked a lot about the great leadership he has inside the locker-room this year as what has separated the team. His first inkling of it was after the Jacksonville game and how the team reacted and came out and played against Atlanta. He was very concerned after the Jacksonville lose but the club responded and after the Atlanta win he could tell their was a different maturity in their reaction.

· Also, he comments that you never expect rookies to take the leadership role and it has been phenomenal. No question he is referring to Lofa.

· His biggest concern for the team is health.

· Matt Hasselbeck will play on Sunday. Nothing sounded definite, but it sounds as though the healthy regulars will go for a few series and then take a seat.

· Injuried players who will not play are Andre Dyson, Kelly Herndon and Marcus Trufant. D-Jack, Darby, DD Lewis, John Howell and Joe Tofoya are unlikely to play.

· Shaun Alexander has had a death in the family, his mom’s sister, so he will have a “different” week. It sounds like he will head back to Cincy at some point.

· Holmgren said he would like to get Alexander the record.

· Marcus Trufant will be ok for the playoffs, he has a back contusion.

· We talked a lot about retirement with the foucs on Farve. I asked how do these guys ever retire considering what an insane rush the NFL is. Holmgren said it is three part, the body just can’t handle the Monday morning pain, as you get older and the changes start to happen the locker-room environment is not the same and lastly your kids start to get older and you weigh everything differently.

· He shared that he counseled Jerry Rice at the end of the year and told him to retire, but Rice still wanted to play.

Hope you get a feel for how great that was.

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