Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The problem with the Sonics defense is not that are bad it is that they are not close. This team is nowhere close to where they need to be defensively. The only way I can explain this is through defensive efficiency numbers. Those are numbers that equate for pts allowed per 100 possessions.

The bottom line is the Seattle Supersonics are the worst defensive team since at least 1994 and it would be a fair argument that they are the worst defensive team in the history of the NBA.

Here is the breakdown.
The Sonics are last in the NBA in defense by a lot. They allow 114.7 points per 100 possessions. Compare the Sonics 114.7 to the league average and the league average is 102.3, that is a 12.5 point difference. That is a larger difference then the 28th team in the NBA and the best team in the league. Let me say this again. The Sonics difference from the average defense in the NBA is more then the difference between the best defensive team and the 3rd worst defensive team.

But here is the real killer. Since 1994-95 which is the last year that I broke down the numbers. So over the past 11 seasons of the NBA no team in the NBA has ever had a defensive rating worse then 111.6. The Sonics are currently 114.7. They are the worst defensive team in over 11 seasons.

Their has only been one team since the lock-out to have a defensive efficiency rating over 110 for a season and that was the Atlanta Hawks last season at 110.3 and they lost 69 games.

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