Sunday, November 27, 2005


Knicks 105 Philly 102 --- Nate Robinson hits the game winner over Iverson. Brown put Nate in the third quarter to shut down Iverson and did a really solid job. Nate played 33 minutes. I have said all year that Philly is a fa├žade and that is showing up …. The Knicks need to bench Antonio Davis. He has the worst +/- of any player in the NBA. The Knicks are -134 when he is on the floor….. Channing Frye is the real deal. All the NBA scouts are talking about him. Look for the Knicks to get much better when Frye gets all of Davis’s minutes.

Orlando 80 Miami 77 --- Has anyone noticed that Miami is just 7-6 without Shaq. All the off-seasons were to make this team survive a Shaq injury and it is not working …. Dwight Howard is developing every game and maybe really big time before

Minnesota 89 Cleveland 85 – Great road win for Coach Casey … Minnesota outscored Cleveland 24-26 in the 4th quarter. Minnesota is playing great D they are just having a tough time scoring … Marko Jaric gave Minnesota 41 minutes at the point. If he starts playing well they will be much improved, he was +10 ….

Charlotte 100 Washington 82 – Washington is suddenly in trouble … Charlotte is a totally different team when Gerald Wallace plays. He has become the real deal. He had 26-14 and 5 blocks. The Bobccats have a winning record when he plays ….
AD has suddenly fallen out of favor with the Wizards. AD was -13 in 15 minutes.

Memphis 112 Dallas 92 -- Great win for Memphis. They may be legit. Gasol gives it to them every night and then they find a way to get enough from other guys … You have to wonder where the Dallas guard defense was when Bobby Jackson and Damon Stoudamire light them up. Jason Terry is that why you only played 23 minutes.

Chicago 94 Houston 89 – The Rockets slide without Tracy McGrady contiues. The Bobby Sura injury is big here as well. They are simply without wing players. The Rockets have been forced to go to Luther Head for 40 minutes a game. .. Juwan Howard was -17. He may have totally lost it.

Detroit 85 Milwaukee 76 – The Pistons went back to their old ways …. The scouting report is out on TJ Ford and the Bucks are no longer nearly as dangerous … Bobby Simmons has yet to get comfortable with the Bucks.

Golden State 117 Toronto 91 – The Sam Mitchell death march continues … Jalen Rose the coach killer is a -120 for the season, the second worst of any player in the NBA,…. The Warriors are 9-6 … When Baron Davis decided to distribute not score the Warriors are really tough … Jason Richardson is becoming an elite two guard in the NBA…. Ike Diogu has been great in his first three game.

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