Sunday, November 27, 2005


Yesterday afternoon on the post-game show I was talking about Flip Murray's +/-. In no way is the issue confronting the Soncis a one man issue, but if you feel the need to zero in to problem number 1 the replacement of AD with Flip Murray is a pretty good spot to start.

In yesterday's game when Flip was having a "good game" the Sonics finished -8 when he was on the floor. What is more revealing is he was on the floor in the final 4 minutes when the Sups went on that irrelevant run to cut the lead down. He earned a +5 for that.

Therefore, in the moments the game was decided Flip was a -13 in 20 minutes. That is brutal.

In 109 minutes this season he is -82. In comparison during the entire season last year AD was a +208.

Let's extrapolate this a bit. AD played in 75 games last season. Therefore, he averaged a +2.8 per game. Flip Murray has played 6 games this season and is -82 for an average of -13.7 points per game.

Isolating this substitution change the Sonics seem to be -16.5 points worse per game all because of one change in the rotation.

This leaves us without an explanation for the 6 games Flip didn't play when the team went 3-3.

Honestly, their is something wrong with this breakdown, but regardless it tells a story. I can't imagine the story is that grotesque, but it might be a large part of the answer to what is wrong.

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