Thursday, November 24, 2005

SONICS PLAYING PAIRS FOR BIG MEN keeps track of playing pairs. In other words how a team does when combinations of two players are on the floor together. I find this very valuable with big men combinations. Here are the Sonics big men combo's so far this season.

Playing Pair Mins +/- for 48 mins
Nick and Vitaly: 21 mins +22.4
Nick and Reggie: 36 min +11
Reggie and Petro: 28 mins +8.3
Vlady and Vitaly: 73 min -2
Nick and Petro: 104 mins -3.7
Nick and Danny: 70 mins -8.8
Vlady and Nick: 94 mins -9.2
Vlady and Reggie: 17 mins -11. 2
Reggie and Danny: 7 mins -12.6
Vlady and Danny: 26 mins -16.6
Reggie and Vitaly 46 mins -18.6
Vlady and Petro: 31 mins -27.3

Conclusion: It is not good to see Vlady and Petro on the bottom because if Petro could rebound that would be a nice line-up to use. Not surprising Nick is on the top of the list. Only surprised it is not with Vlady. Notice it is when he is playing the 4 and either Reggie or Vitaly is handling the 5. Reggie and Vitaly has been the 4th most used combo and it is a bad one on surface and in the numbers.

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