Monday, November 21, 2005


Does the Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell deal to the Red Sox impact the Mariners? In fact, it might. According to sources, the Mariners have been in constant discussions with the Marlins about both Carlos Delgado and Juan Pierre.

At issue is what direction the Marlins are taking. If the Marlins are in the midst of a major re-build or a major salary dump the Mariners believe they have the players to form a deal. I am not certain on what combination of players would be involved but, logic would dictate some combination of Gil Meche, Jeremy Reed maybe even Jose Lopez and others.

Delgado would give the Mariners the left-handed bat they so desperately desire. Pierre would legitimize centerfield. Both come with significant contracts.

Again the issue is whether or not the move of Beckett and Lowell is a significant salary dump that the Marlins are done or is this first of many salary-dumping deals.

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