Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The Seattle Mariners have missed on their #1 target in the off-season. Carlos Delgado will become a member of the New York Mets. The Mariners have said they want to acquire a left handed power bat and Delgado was the best on the market.

According to my sources, the Mariners were willing to part with a good deal of talent to acquire Delgado. However, the Marlins have decided that the Mets deal of a young first baseman and a AA pitcher was superior to anything the Mariners could offer.

This is a big miss for the Mariners, because the two primary left-hand bats are now off the market in Matsui and Delgado. It is also a sad statement that teams around baseball are not impressed by the Mariners youth.

Brad Wilkerson of the Washington Nationals who is coming off a poor year last year and has a the back of a baseball card that makes you wonder if steroid testing impacting his game is rumored to be the next target for the Mariners.

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