Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Here the weekly re-cap of the Wednesday Mike Holmgren presser. This will be known as the “THE CYNICS ARE GONE PRESS CONFERENCE.”

I thought the most interesting part of the press conference was when I asked him why he feels differently about this year’s team. He said, “The feeling I get in the that locker-room is different, on the airplane it is different, they are having fun. THE CYNICS AREN’T AROUND ANYMORE. THE GUY IN THE LOCKER-ROOM THAT SAYS DON’T WORRY THAT IS JUST THE COACH TALKING. OR THE GUY TELLING GUYS HE IS GETTING SCREWED ON HIS CONTRACT.”
He also mentioned that they have been able to avoid the “off the field distractions that can tear up a team. These guys have been very responsible.”
This jumped out at me. This is the purge that we have been talking about all off-season and for the most part this is the first time Holmgren has been willing to admit that the locker-rooms of the past were not as cohesive as he tried to make us believe they were.
The question is who were those guys. Some of it is obvious with Anthony Simmons and Koren Robinson. However, you wonder where a Chad Brown, a Chike Okeafor, Rashad Moore and other fit into this mix.
Time will tell if this holds. It is easy to feel good after a win. It is newsworthy that Holmgren has made this admission.
The other news worthy items were as follows.
Darrell Jackson had his knee surgery and he will stay in Florida to see the doctor who did the surgery. Mike Sando, on his Newstribune Hawks Blog, reported this morning that they found a more significant injury and it will be closer to 6 weeks.
The Texans 3-4 defense shouldn’t be a problem since the West Coast Offense was originally designed for the 3-4.
Holmgren said that Kelly Herndon would admit that he didn’t play his best game on Sunday and would expect to see a different player on Sunday. We better hope so. I can promise the Texans watched the film of the St. Louis game and will be going right at Herndon.
Holmgren proudly pointed out the amount of long drives the offense has put together this season.
LeRoy Hill, rookie linebacker, was mentioned as a guy who is pushing for more time on the field.

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