Thursday, August 11, 2005

Locked on the NFL Audio

Sports Radio 950 KJR's David Locke talks with Wilson High School and WSU product Marcus Trufant about going to training camp in his home state (and younger brother Isaiah's backyard) and the progression of the up-and-coming Seahawks cornerback.


Diezel said...

I just hope that in the first game against Jacksonville Trufant doesn't have a flashback to the two time Reggie Lit his A** up. The Apple cup game in 2002 made Reggies NFL paycheck, in two games against Trufant in college Reggie had 23 catches for 372 yards. Including a dominating performance in the last leg of the 2002 Northwest championship.

I will be rooting for the Hawks but I will be definately be watching the matchup of Trufant trying to stick Big Reggie. Husky Legend against some Coug reject.

Biggie said...
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Anonymous said...

I only play ESPN 2k5...because it's far better than Madden.

If you own the game, I'll take you on anytime.

Biggie said...

Only girls play 2K5, BIATCH. If you become a real man and get on the Madden, I'll be waiting.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Madden sucks.

Terrible game.