Thursday, July 14, 2005


As of 4:52 pm on July 14th, 2005

Despite reports to the contrary, last night the Sonics brass held a meeting to discuss the coaching situation. As a result of that meeting, Howard Schultz will meet with Bob Weiss to discuss the job this evening. There has been a tremendous ground swell of support from the current Sonics players for Bob Weiss as the head coach. Universally, they all talk about “trust” as the key ingredient when talking about Weiss. As one person said it has been so strong it almost feels organized.
The Sonics Ray Allen is at the forefront of the players endorsing Weiss.
The question is how much should the players be heard? Have the players earned the right to have be heard? Do the players deserve the continuity that they are asking for?
Tonight’s dinner between Schultz and Weiss could go a long way to determining this.


kel said...

Why not give Weiss a shot? He has a ton of experience and he knows this team inside and out. People keep arguing that he wasn't a successful head coach before, but that was back when the first Bush was in the white house and all his teams were crap anyway -- I certainly think he's paid his dues and earned this chance. And are there any other candidates out there that are really any more exciting?

Locked on Sports said...

All good points. I agree.

Anonymous said...

I for one believe that when hiring for a position you should always look outside the organization to see if there is anything that might make your club make it to the next level. Yes, hiring Weiss would continue what has already started, but can it make the team better? Will the players respect Weiss enough to let him run the show? Or will players take advantage of his easy going persona and expect a more lenient coach from the "mcMullen" regime? I realize that if we hired someone outside, that chances are Weiss would follow Nate to Portland which could cause resentment from players. But what if they hired a respected and proven playoff coach?
Flip would be too expensive. I think someone like a Paul
Silas would bring interest among season ticket holders and he is considered a player's coach and won't take crap from malcontents. This is an important hire for the Sonics and they can't afford to screw it up especially when they have a couple of young big men to nurture along the way. (Good riddance Jerome James for being a nothing while he was here!!!) Peace out.

Rafe said...

I worry about Weis being the type of guy who is to amiable to make a great head coach. The type players love but don't neccesarily perform for. I am intrigued by Iavonari but no know much about him. Romar would be good except I don't want him to leave the Huskies when their just getting turned around.

Anonymous said...

I don't enough about Weiss to have an opinion on him. But today there are rumors about Pat Riley maybe taking over again in Miami. Any possibility that Stan Van Gundy could wind up a candidate out here? Or would he cost too much?

Anonymous said...

Bob Weiss is a great guy, great assistant.

He would be a flop if hired. Sonics would go backwards.

Howard Schultz knows that. My souces tell me Ivaroni is ready to accept the job and the Sonics will hire him unless Schultz's meetings with Izzo in Seattle this weekend prove worthwhile.

I was at Sea Tac this Friday (I work for United) and saw Izzo at the airport around 2:30 on a flight from Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Weiss is too much of a gamble. Sonics need a sure bet.

If Weiss is hired I will drop my courtside season tickets!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Kel said,

Why not give Wiess a shot?

Because it is not time for a shot. Ray Allen has 3 or 4 more good years.

Now is the time. No time for gambles.
Go for a sure bet coach.

Flip is the guy.

Anonymous said...

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