Thursday, July 14, 2005


Here are the reasons why hiring Bob Weiss makes sense. …
· Continuity – Do you really want to start over? The instinct for everyone is that new is better, but in this case it may be the opposite. The organization is headed in the correct direction and hiring someone other than Weiss means having a completely new staff. I am not sure that is a good thing. Moreover, Jack Sikma is preparing and trying to find out if he is a head coach in the NBA and Weiss is the perfect bridge.
· Innovator – Weiss is an incredible basketball mind. The Sonics philosophy of score early score late last season is very much a Bob Weiss production. Weiss has never received the credit that he deserves in his role of forming the team and the concepts of this team offensively.
· Relationships – The players have had a ground swell of support for Weiss. Almost every player has called and thrown their name in for Weiss. The reason is trust. Really this team is about Ray Allen. Allen signing a 5-year contract holds the keys to the franchise. He and Weiss get along and he and Weiss understand each other and relate well to each other. Despite being one of the older coaches in the NBA Weiss relates incredibly well with the players.
· Experience – Weiss peaks off the experience chart with knowledge of the game, circumstances in the locker-room, how players react, etc. Every coach has to get his team through the two or three storms in a season and Weiss will not be surprised by any of them.
· Levelheaded – For all the guys I work with. Weiss is the most consistent levelheaded guys in the league. Often coaches are like a roller coaster. Weiss is the opposite.

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