Monday, July 18, 2005


Bob Weiss will be the next head coach of the Seattle Supersonics. This has been widely speculated for the last week and will come to fruition today at a 1:30 press conference.
As 950, KJR and Locked on Sports reported on Thursday night Howard Schultz and Weiss had dinner. That dinner was the final hurdle for Weiss to become the new head coach. A night earlier Schultz dined with Wally Walker, Rick Sund and other major players in the organization and was convinced that Weiss was the correct choice for the job. Schultz always wants to grasp as much marketing as he possibly can and had to be convinced this was first the correct basketball move and secondly could be sold. After meeting with the major players and Weiss he was entirely convinced.
Weiss became the lead candidate when he received a ground swell of support from the Sonics players and namely Ray Allen. As we reported on Thursday the players universally talked about trust and understood that Weiss had been the innovator of the Sonics offense.
After the press conference I will file another report and tune in tonight at 7:00 pm for more information and opinions.


Anonymous said...

I am sure Bob Wiess is qualified and will be at least solid if not great. I like that the players like him but, did the sonics really do a full search? Did they even interview other possible candidates like Paul Silas or Mark Ivaroni?

kel said...

I am very happy the Sonics have made this decision and now we can move forward. Some KJR listeners have complained that Weiss is too much of a "buddy" to take the reigns -- Weiss has been a coach in this league for 28 years and has had plenty of time to learn from his own mistakes and other's mistakes -- this guy knows more about coaching nba players than just about anybody. He has acted appropriately in his role as a Sonics assistant and will change his demeanor/approach as necessary as the head coach. As David Locke put it, he has too much experience and knowledge to deal with anybody's BS in the locker room. For more reason's why Weiss is the best choice, read Locke's "WHY WEISS SHOULD BE THE SONICS COACH" posting from last Thursday.

slackjaw said...

Bob Wiess is a weak and dissapointing move. It's a move that required very little risk on the Sonics part and I think you'd be fooling yourself if you view this as anything but a temporary situation if the Sonics don't play above 500 ball.

Jefferyd32 said...

I agree, it seems like they were almost forced into this hire. What happens if the players turn on Wiess? What if they get off to a bad start, or don't like one of his decisions? I fear giving players too much influence on coaching decisions is a recipe for disaster. That being said, Weiss could turn out to be great. I like the idea of some continuity, and he does really know this team, it's personality, and should be able to start right in without the feeling out period that another coach would have to endure.

Myk said...

What a horrible move, all you people who are happy about this move all I can say is:


What is the old saying?: Lie to me once shame on you, lie to me twice shame on me. Look Weiss might be a great guy and an even GREATER Assistant Coach but like Gilby that is all he is. Some people are cut out for the Head Coaching postion and some are not and judging from both of their track records it should be quite obvious neither of them are cut out for the job.

Mark me words next year after a disappointing 30-52 season we will be searching for a new head coach.

As Yogi said: Its like Deja' Vu all over again...

Anonymous said...

I would make the case that this is a very good signing for a couple of reasons.

First, the Sonics still have a bunch of people that are free agents, at least one of which - Vladimir Radmanovic, a legitimate 6th man of the year award candidate, is a more likely resign here with Weiss than with someone he doesn't know. To me, that looks alot better than having to face him as part of Minnesota's front line when Latrell Sprewell self - destructs again. we're already losing Antonio Daniels in conference, how many more of those do we want to face?

Second, the Sonics are playing a style, and are suited to a style, which is unusual in the NBA right now. A focus on mid range shooting, score early or score late, 3 guard, 2 post with a focus on the pick and roll game vs. an isolation and penetration is not really typical in the NBA right now. A new coach is going to either: a)try and continue that style without knowing really how to do so, or b)completely change the style which is guaranteeing a 30 and 52 record while people unlearn what they spent 3 years under Nate learning to do. With Weiss there can be some continuity there to see if this can continue to build. Just as in the era with Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp there is a window available for success. The Sonics probably have 4 maybe 5 years with the current core to make a serious run before having to do some retooling of All - Stars and making a strategy shift now would likely set that back again.

Joe said...

Guys, this is the best fit for this orginization. Bob Weiss fianlly will have talent to coach for the first time when he has taken of the 1st chair. Who Weiss will put around him becomes very interesting? Dean is gone to Portland and Duane is going to do a great job in Minnesota. Who he puts around him to teach some of these young players will be the key.

Philthy said...

Those who are opposed to this move are too caught up in the big name coaches available this offseason. In actuality, many of those big name coaches' styles simply wouldn't fit this team. Flip Saunders is, IMO, an overrated coach, yet he'll likely command more dollars than Weiss. The guy I wanted was Paul Silas, but I'd rather the Sonics spend the money on free agents than a coach (though, so far, it's not looking like they're doing that). Weiss has a lot of coaching experience, has been a Sonic assistant for more than ten years, and will stick to what has worked.

Who else would we get? Silas would fit well, but Iovarni (whatever his name is?) is known for developing big men, and we already have Sikma. Plus, Phoenix doesn't play defense, which is the only reason the Sonics did so well last year. I don't want Tom Izzo. College coaches have enough problems making the transition to pro. I also don't think it was a bad move not giving Nate McMillan over 6 million a year for one good season.

Anonymous said...

I think that for continuity sake, this hiring is good since we have the core of players from last year. Paul Silas would have been the only other coach that the Sonics should have even talked to if they were going to take this team to the next level. I hope that just because the players endorsed him openly that this isn't like a buddy buddy thing where players will take advantage of his easy going demeanor.
I don't like the draft picks that the Sonics made this year however. They are nonimpact players and are not even NBA ready. They should have drafted a Turiaf or a point guard (traded up to get Nate Robinson). Look at the summer league stats. (Yes, I was the guy that was saying draft Nate Robinson during the draft) You know it alls out there who said he is too small and won't fit better pray that whoever backs up Luke can hold his own jock) Nate Robinson should have been a Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though I was saying the Sonics should have drafted Nate Robinson doesn't mean I was a regular.

The know it alls out there who didn't want us to draft Nate better line up to get their tickets to see Johan Petro (the next Tim Duncan) ha ha ha ha ha

Myk said...

Sad sad sad. Seriously does anyone realize how close this is to the Keith Gilbertson situation.

- Sudden Departure of coach
- Players supporting a long time Assistant Coach
- Assistant Coach who has a horrible track record as a head coach
- People giving him the benefit of the doubt because he was so nice
- Horrible losing season, oh well maybe this will give us the opportunity to get a #1 pick in the next two years.

As for the rest of the team, why waste big dollars to sign Vlade at a position that already have duplicated. We should seriously try and go after a good young low post player (Swift, Dalembert, Chandler) the last two as a sign and trade with Vlade. It just makes no sense in a salary cap era to duplicate a position with big money especially when Vlade isnt going to be happy about it.

We already have a big hole at Center with our two starters being teenagers..spend the money elsewhere!

dids said...

This is a great hire. For all the kvetching about Weiss, there's nobody else on the list in the Supes's price range with as much experience, both in the league and with the Sonics.

Anybody who thinks that any coach makes a 20 win difference in a team is out to lunch.

Myk said...


Didn't the Sonics improve their team by 20 or so Ws last year...isn't it reasonable to think they are somewhere in the middle (45 wins or so) and with poor coaching they fall below .500

Marinerman said...

Good Hire. I do wonder how he will handle things. Will he start Vlad? Try and maintain a 9 man rotation?

Now that Swift signed with Houston, is Seattle in the running for other big men?

Hope we don't shrink the rotation.

Vicious said...

Lets be fair myk. The Sonics didnt jump to 20 more wins just because of one singular thing. Ray was healthy the whole season, Luke and Nick were a year older, they added some much needed toughness with Danny [and Reggie] and Nate sought some much needed coaching advice.

You've got a point that this situation is similar to the Gilbertson except you've got your facts wrong. Keith had a 48-35 record as a head coach before his job at the UW. Also this isnt football or college for that matter.

Frankly, who else could the Sonics have picked?

Bob fills the culture and style that the players lived up to this year. People are blowing the "friend" aspect way out of proportion. So yes, Bob Wiess gets along with the players.. Theres something wrong with getting along with co-workers?

This organization has slowly [or not, its been what, four years?] put together a well liked-talented group of team first people.

So lets not dump the Sonics until we see what kind of team they put together this coming season. I remember how god awful EVERYONE was saying the Sonics would be last year. I guess thats how it goes in bandwagon land..

Myk said...

Although your theories about the previous two seasons might seem to pass the common sense test the numbers do not back them up. The main reason that the Sonics had such a good record last year was their quick start. Having Ray Allen could not have been the main reason because the year before they were actually 12-13 w/o Ray and 25-32 w/ Ray.

Sonics fans need to call last season for what it was an incredible fluke where everyone played just right and gained tremendous confidence in the beginning of the year and rode that to the playoffs. If you are expecting the Sonics to have as good or a better record you are simply looking at the team through Rose Colored glasses. I enjoyed last year as much as anyone but I am realistic enough to realize that we still have very little low post presence and it is going to get even worse with Swift, Petro manning the middle.

The Sonics need to focus all of their efforts in getting a big man to come to Seattle. If that means a sign and trade with Vlade has to happen then make it happen. Not one team has one a Championship in the last 25 years without some type of low post presence.

As for the Gilbertson correlation I am not sure what facts I got wrong. Everyone at Cal can tell you that he wasn't head coaching material. His overall record might have been inflated during his years with Idaho but you can't consider that equal to the type of job he was taking.

Anonymous said...

Just to be completely fair about the comparison to Keith Gilbertson ...

I just looked up that Bob Weiss's coaching statistics, 3 playoff runs with 2 different teams, San Antonio in '88, where the best player was Alvin Robertson, and Atlanta with Dominique Wilkins in '91 and '93.

As much as I loved Dominique Wilkins, that was the era of some better players and teams in their prime - Jordon, Bird and Ewing in the same conference off the top of my head.

I would say the Weiss has a bit better track record than Gibertson did as a head coach.

Oh, and one other thing ... the Sonics had very little low post presence last year. I mean 5.5 point and about 5 rebounds a game for Jerome? Almost no points a game from Reggie? With Fortson, Collison and possibly Reggie coming back for the 2005 - 2006 season, how much worse can the low post presence be? At this point I would be more concerned that Vlade signs somewhere else because the Sonics were largely able to create the most matchup problems with Ray, Rashard, Vlade, Antonio and either Fortson or Collison on the floor at the same time. I think that Luke can have the driving toughness that Antonio did with another season, but having that third perimeter scoring threat makes an enormous difference in the flow of the game.