Friday, July 01, 2005


Compare the A’s and the Mariners and it will floor you. How is it possible that the A’s are so dramatically better then the Mariners and I mean in every way. The Mariners have every advantage in the world and instead they are getting smoked by the A’s.
For a while you could say they got lucky with the Big Three of Mulder, Hudson and Zito, but those days are over. The A’s are kicking the Mariners around in every aspect of the game. They develop talent, they improve as the year goes on, they acquire players to fill gaps, they find unsung players, they have an organization deep enough to fill gaps. They have built an organization that doesn’t have gaps. That is bad enough but when you consider hoe short-handed they are compared to the Mariners it is flabbergasting. The Mariners should send out an apology letter for incompetence.
The A’s have lost Mulder and Hudson, they have lost about every bullpen guy you can imagine, they have lost Giambi, Dye, Tejada and they are still better then the Mariners. Their organization has 1/3 the resources the Mariners have in player salary and organizational structure and they are thumping the Mariners. The A’s have young players that are developing up and down their roster. They have a star in Bobby Crosby, they have an offense that has come to life and the Mariners spend huge money and have the worst offense in the game. The A’s pitching staff looks imposing. Harden, Blanton and Saarloos are all improving while Meche, Pinero and whoever else you want to choose are stagnating or fading from out site. It is completely embarrassing!!!!!
The A’s have a legitimate future, the Mariners have a future based on unrealistic optimism that is based in a myth.

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