Tuesday, June 28, 2005


According to sources, the Jazz and Blazers deal has been finalized. The Jazz will recieve the #3 pick. The Blazers will get the #6 and #27 from the Jazz and a first round pick in the future. No players are involved.
The Jazz are likely to select Chris Paul, despite the major speculation on Deron Williams.
The Blazers will likely take either Martell Webster or high schooler Andrew Bynum.


Anonymous said...

a new york by sagarin/winston estimate a #7 pick as worth about half what #1 pick was, and an 28th pick about half of a #14 pick.

#3 compared to #6, #27, and a future?

i'll assume the 6th is worth about 3/4ths what the 3rd is. the #27 somewhere around 10-15%. so it depends on the date/conditions of the future pick as to who has the apparent edge. the real edge will be determined year later.

the eddie griffin for multiple first round picks was stupid for houston and brilliant for rod thorn and the nets a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

a new york times article is what i meant to type above

kel said...

Yes, Portland got a lot of picks in return, but they were unable to accomplish their biggest goal -- unloading Ruben Patterson! They are still stuck with his inflated salary and bad attitude, which will help to ensure many more days of misery in Blazer land.

Steve J. said...

Whoa, where's Joey Graham? If he somehow slips to 25, the Sonics have to take him. There's no way he slips to the second round, is there?

Anonymous said...

Under the new CBA Patterson will be able to be released by the Blazers. You are allowed 1 player per year so that you can get some Luxury Tax relief.

Locked on Sports said...

The Blazers may want to use that for Derek Anderson instead.

Anonymous said...

i tend to think the jazz overpaid in picks a little though it isnt as bad as it might appear on facevalue. it may be they didnt want to add two guaranteed contract draft picks to the roster this summer. perhaps they plan on using the exceptions for free agents to fill slots instead.

Anonymous said...

use of the special waiver rule will mainly be reserved for max contract guys. derek anderson is only on the books for two years, $20 million. that is a lot but maybe not enough to use a one time in 6 years waiver option. he is underperforming and they want to move him but it would normally take a $5 million player to replace him. in effect overpaying him by $4-5 million a year isnt the biggest deal. and if patterson gets moved anderson may play more. he isnt the blazers worst headache even if he is one that irrated mo cheeks and perhaps others a lot.

Anonymous said...

by contrast to derek anderson, alan houston is on the books for $40 million, michael finley $50 million.

brian grant $30 million is questionable. they might use it cause they need to show movement.

eddie jones has been mentioned but he is only on the books for $30 million and i think miami doesnt waive him.

an interesting twist is if teams can trade this type of guys and other teams might have more incentive and less hesitation to use their waiver exception. maybe cause they dont have such a guy and dont foresee having such a guy.
trading players to teams willing to use the exception might be an active market. i'm use these teams will get compensated. like utah did for helping out phoenix and several other teams in recent years. probably with draft picks.

Anonymous said...

webber at $62 million might become a candidate for waiver but probably not until he plays at least half of next season and the 76ers see if he'll stable/useful or recovering any power and speed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Locke.

I have a question. Petro will likely be sent to the NBDL for much of the first season, could you clarify the rules as they pertain to the contracts of NBDL players contracted to the big club ? Do they count against the cap, do they take up one of the 14 roster spots ? Can they be called up at will, at any point ?

Also, does the NBDL have an age limit ? Could a team sign some 30-something guy, as insurance, stick him into the NBDL in case someone gets injured, then you have instant insurance, or would that not fly with the 2-player, 2-year limit ?

Lastly, why would there even be a limit on years, and amount of players ? Can't they expand the NBDL into a true minor league system, with 1 NBDL team, for 1 or even 2 NBA teams, the way it's in hockey and baseball ?

Vicious said...
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Vicious said...

Im not too sure how the call up/salary works for the NBDL..

But per the new CBA, teams are allowed to send down players with less than two years experience.

The NBA [i]is[/i] interested in making the NBDL into a true minor league. In March the NBA added four more teams to the DL, bringing their total to ten.

I think its only a matter of time before the NBDL represents all teams in the NBA. Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

What happened to the other French baller we drafted?( Patch Moriende) I thought they said he had a lot of upside when they took him then. This is why I am so skeptical about the draft choices.

Anonymous said...

after playing pretty well in junior league in 2003-04 15pts / 5 assists)he moved up a level this year to team benneton and his stats are down.

the stats are a little hard to follow but in 2 different regular tis year he averaged 5-8pts on decent shooting but only 1-2 assists in around 20 minutes a game.


that's not really impressive. he probably is another year or two away from coming over, if ever. only about 24 yrs old so there is still time.

Anonymous said...

the above stats referring to patch morlende

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