Monday, June 27, 2005


Luther Head – Illinois. They really like this kid. Winner. Super decisions with the ball, quick first step, a little bit small to be a combo guard – If I had to guess this is my guess.

Jarrett Jack – Georgia Tech
-- Sonics would be very pleased. Good scorer. Great size can play the 1 or the 2. Loose with the basketball and assists to turnover ratio is an issue. Minneosta could take as early as 14.

Nate Robinson – Washington
--- They are legit in their like for him, they are concerned about how he fits on the roster. Could go anywhere from 22 to 50. There is a chance he could be their for the second round pick and that seems to be the mentality of most teams.

Julius Hodge – NC State – Legit three position player. Sonics believe in taking players late in the draft they can play multiple roles. If the player isn’t a starter then make sure he can play multiple roles. Pendergraf compares him to Nate. Can defend the 1,2 or 3. Has no shot. It is a really significant issue. Could slip to the 2nd round.

Linas Kleiza – Missouri -- left after his sophomore year. Had the best workout of any of the players that worked out for the Sonics. Wowed them. He can play both the 3 or the 4, and is truly a 4, but a bit undersized at a questionable 6’8. Sonics believe that he can become a 3-4 type. Will be on the board. I believe he is higher on the Sonics board then most teams

Wayne Simein – Kansas – Much better shooter then people realizes. He can stretch the defense to about 15 or 17 feet. He had good rebounding numbers in college. A bit undersized. His durability was a problem at Kansas. Will it be an issue when he is in the NBA and is playing less minutes.

Martynas Andriuskevicius – Lithuania – If he is on the board the Sonics will take him. He is a 7 foot 2 Ralph Sampson type who is more of a 4 then a center. He runs well, has great hands. He is still a ways off, but it seems inconceivable that his talent can slip to Seattle. Denver with 20 and 22 will probably take him or Phoenix at 21.


Anonymous said...

Please no more Euro-stiffs for draft picks. We need bangers with touch like a Turiaf or Diogu. We also need a backup for the point because Luke can sometimes be overmatched by guys like Parker and Ginobli. We know we have shooters but we need another guard who plays aggresive defense and is not afraid to drive to the basket to draw the defenders and kick out if need be. If we can't sign Antonio this is becomes a priority.
Could we take a Turiaf or Ike in the first and maybe get a Nate Robinson, Simien, or Tre Simmons in the second? Nate is aggresive and athletic, Simien is a better shooter than Reggie, and Tre would have a combination of size and shooting ability to cause matchup problems. I like what guys like Nate Robinson can bring to the Sonics in his desire to be better. It can only motivate the team as a whole to raise their level of play, something that is useful in a long NBA season.

Anonymous said...

Please no to Nate Robinson.

I'm really scared that we will take anyone with ties to Washington due to the unreal expectations that will be placed on the player simply because fans know him.

Luther Head and Jarrett Jack would be much better fits in the long term role behind Ridnour and Allen.

My first choice of the players listed would be Simien.

Martynas fan said...

I wouldn't be upset with that euro Martynas

Anonymous said...

I want Head.......

Luther that is

Dids said...

Are they down on Chris Taft or do they just not think he's falling this far?

Seems like Taft has a much better top end that somebbody like Simien might and given that we'll hopefully have Nick and Vlade we can afford to take more risk/reward-y pick like Taft if we're dead set on a 4.

The only real plus I see to Simien is that he's probably more ready to play now than anybody else, which just means he's ready to come in and get hurt.

Random Sandmeyer hater said...

why is sandmeyer talking about NBA? dude is worthless when it comes to that,thinking is the word, should stick to talking about 80s music and refuse to lose.

Anonymous said...

i dont listen to kjr regularly anymore but i think sandmeyer is usually pretty intelligent on basketball for wha t i recently heard and the past. but draftnet doesnt mean much i'll agree with that.