Wednesday, September 07, 2005


First and foremost I want to apologize to the fans, my teammates, the Mariners’ organization, baseball and to my family. Back in November 2003 when I was 21 years old, I made an enormous mistake in my life: I took steroids while in the Minor Leagues. My thigh muscle, which I had previously torn, had never healed and I was scared that my career was over. I was desperate and made a terrible mistake which I deeply regret.

In May 2004, I was punished and suspended, which I deserved, for my mistake. I embarrassed myself, my family and my team. I am responsible for the mistake of taking steroids and the positive result was not due to some over-the-counter supplement, protein shake or tainted test.

I promised myself never to make the same mistake again. The Arbitration Panel found that the evidence supports that I have not used steroids since the 2003 off-season.

After serving my suspension in May 2004, I was allowed to resume my Minor League career even though steroids remained in my system from the 2003 off-season. There was nothing I could do to completely remove the steroids from my body. In July 2004, I was again drug tested while in the Minor Leagues and the result was that the steroids in my system were in a declining quantity. However, I was again suspended under the Minor League Drug Policy for a second time even though I had not used steroids since the 2003 off-season.

This season, while in the Major Leagues, I was shocked to learn that I tested positive again for steroids. The results showed an extremely low level. As the Panel’s decision points out, the Level was so low that it was ‘undisputed’ that it had ‘no performance enhancing effect’ on me. This positive test was due to the fact that there were still some remnants of the steroid left in my system from the 2003 off-season.

I am troubled that I will be suspended for the third time despite the fact that the scientific evidence supports that I kept my promise that I would never use steroids again.

Even the Panel states in its written decision that ‘the Panel recognizes that this result may be viewed as unfair to Michael Morse…..’

I find it unfair that I am being punished three different times for making the mistake of taking steroids once in 2003. At least there is some solace in the fact that the scientific evidence supports that I kept my promise that I would never use steroids again.

I am truly sorry that this statement was ever even necessary.

I can only hope that the fans, my teammates, the Mariners’ organization, baseball and my family will accept my apology.


Neil said...

I know that Softy is currently discussing the possibilities that Mike Morse is lying/telling the truth, because he is not sure about detection times on steroids. The type of steroid definitely matters when it comes to detection time. Oil based injectibles like Deca (aka Nandrolone) can remain detectable for up to 18 months after a person stops taking the injections. Some oral steroid tablets like Dianabol, Anadrol, etc. can remain detecable for periods of up to 6 months. Water based injectibles, like Winstrol (aka Stanzolol...the substance that Rafael Palmeiro tested positive for) remain detectable for 6 - 8 weeks after a person stops taking them. There are some steroids that only remain detectable for a week or so, like Clenbuterol or Andriol.

So the type of steroid definitely is a factor. Another point, is that since Rafael Palmeiro tested positive in May for Stanzolol, he was more than likely taking that steroid in March and/or April.

Myk said...

I find it funny we always talk about how we wish a guy would come out and explain his situation and Morse comes out and tries and explain his situation and he is getting blasted

TheRobbSays said...

Mike Morse is the only person who has stepped up and admitted, telling the story, what he tested positive for and when he took the drug. No other player suspended has done this, besides saying it was a mistake they unknowingly took. For this, I think he deserves to have peoples respect. And above all, it still looks like he is getting screwed by MLB. Its a sad story.

Diezel said...

Is there anyone on the m's or in the organization thats not on the JUICE??? this is a joke!!!! I personally dont want to spend my money watching borderline major leaguers all juiced up and still playing like crap!!!

By the way we need to get rid of Willingham I know Tyee members were not in favor of the hire and he showed on saturday he's already listening to talk radio..goin for it on 4th and 2 and not kicking a field goal??? giving up a 19 yard play on 3rd and 9 with the game on the line?? giving up a 80 yard passing td to a option/wing tee offense. Then with 7 seconds left and a timeout the guy calls for a hailmary....then the fact that weiss team goes out and puts up 42!!! if ty doesn't win the ND game the fans will be on him fo sho!!!!

Neil said...


I agree...I haven't had the chance to listen much today so I don't know how bad he is being blasted, but I was absolutely overjoyed to hear that someone finally had the balls to admit using steroids, and did not try to make excuses or blame it on something they purchased OTC. I find those people hilarious (mmm...Ryan Franklin, Rafael Palmeiro, and others), since those products were also banned, and no longer available for sale OTC after January 20th of this year.

Anonymous said...

I think Mike Morse is very couragous for coming out and saying what he has said. He is the only one who has stood up been blunt with people and told it like it was. I salute and respect him for facing the music like a man.

Sonic EJ said...

Half the team is on the juice and we still can’t win?

What the hell is going on in the Mariners organization?

Whoever is handing out the steroids in the locker room is giving them to the wrong players. I want Ichiro to get in on some of this and start cranking the ball out of the park.LOL

Seriously though, this is another in a long line of embarrassments for this franchise.

How much money and steroids does it take to get to the playoffs in Seattle?

Thank God for Felix.

Myk said...

Your completely idiotic posts never seem to suprise me anymore.

Yup lets fire a coach after one game especially in a game where the team looked oh how about 1000xs better than any point last really are an idiot.

Diezel said...

myk...U are obviously not a Husky alumm because talking to my fellow alumms at the game we are all disapointed with TY, his inability so far to recruit( Jonathan Stewart and Taylor Mays) and the fact that moral victories to mean nothing I am used to seein us playing in the Rose Bowl or for the National Championship. I am used to beating up on teams like Cal, Wazzu, Oregon, Oregon St, SC, etc..

And the fact that the team he just left put up 42 u dumbass... whats ur alma matter myk???? BCC!!!! I cant help it if I love my school.

huskyfeverisVD said...

How is Ty going to recruit guys this year? What incoming freshman would want to play for a team that just went 1-10? I'd get use to not being in the Rose Bowl or NC (ha!) as well as getting throttled by every Pac-10 team other than Arizona. You guys have a chance of staying close in that game.

Myk said...

I am a 2001 Alum and up until last year I had never experienced a UW losing season in my lifetime. Much like rain that came every September came the next season of winning UW Football so don't come and tell me that I don't support the Dawgs.

As the last poster just said recruiting will be difficult until we put up some wins (and USC keeps dominating). I like how we are doing such a poor job because we lost out on Mays but he doesn't get any credit for coming in at the end of the recruting season last yaer and getting both Hasty and Savannah. This year he has already gained a commitment from Locker and is stil in the top 3 for the big lineman in Bellevue.

Husky fans are going to need to realize that we will have to get by and start winning with some less heralded prospects before we start pulling in the blue chippers. If you were a true Husky fan you would know your history and remember that Don James came in after a very dissapointing season and brought a sense of toughness and work ethic to his teams. That didn't translate the first year (only 5-6) but as the years went by his team got an attitude and became the Huskies we know today.

Finally, what the hell does one Notre Dame game have to show us? Wow they scored 42 on Pitt, is Pitt even that good? On top of that all this shows us is that Ty can obviously recruit because EVERY one of those players were his..get an F'in clue..

Anonymous said...

Where's black for us to make fun of?

Diezel said...

MYK... Goood points but the thing that chaps my ass is the fact that we cant even beat a Milatary school?? even though I hate it I can live with losing to the SC's and Cal's of the Pac 10 but I cant stand for these losses which to me look like nothing more than mental mistakes, which has to come on the coaching staff, that 4th and 2 call was HORRIBLE, to not kick a field goal when u know the defense is the heart of ur team and go out ahead 6-0 is just stupid!!! and to allow a 80yd td to a predominately running team is head scratching..

Your point about the ND game is my arguement, the fact that TY may have been the guys recruting just shows that Weiss, is a far superior coach to Willingham, the fact tha Weiss can take the same players and look so dominating is why I believe that Ty's not that good of a coach.

As far as recruiting that was the fall of BOb Bender the fact that he couldn't keep the big time recruits in state. Savannah and JR Hasty are marginal recruits anyway according to all the services I looked at..If JR was so good then he would be doing what Jonathan Stewart did in his first game, the fact that we got the commitment from that QB is a good sign in the right direction.. The fact that they missed out on Mays was killer because the main thing we are missing is a deep down the field threat, especially with how well Isaiah played on sat. If he is able to get Schilling out of Bellevue that will heip also.

Plus don't you think there is a reason that ND fired Ty midseason and didn't allow him to finish the season!!! I am still mad that we didn't wait till after the NFL season last year to talk to Dennis Erickson when they knew he was gonna get canned by the niners.

This is just one sign of Todd Turners stupidity..I will retract some of the heat I have been putting on Ty, but if he goes 5-6 this year as well as a 6-5 next year the seat at Montlake will definately be HOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

It really seems like MLB is picking on the Mariners and is trying hard to not disrupt the current races going on. I think Selig should release test coverage statistics to the public. How about "% of players tested per team". Or better yet, "% of players tested per team on the starting roster". It’s obvious that MLB is going after the little fish with the exception of Palmeiro who was to get congress off their back. Providing MLB is sampling the same percent from each organization, and has a consistent policy, I’m ok with the Morse suspension.


Myk said...

You are completely contradicting yourself.

1) One one hand you say that Ty can't coach and that is proven because Charlie Weiss can come in and win won game and score 42 points with good players that were all recruited by Ty

2) On the other hand you say that Ty can't recruit good players and this is proven by the Johnathan Stewart case. I hate to break the news to you but the fact that UW went 1-10 and the Gilbertson coaching staff didn't even really try and recruit Stewart is the reason he left not Ty. In fact if you go back and see what happened when we brought Ty to UW you will see that it actually made Stewart at least consider us something he was not doing before that.

I understand that it sucks to lose to Air Force. As I said before I am used to the Huskies always winning. But, I do not fault the coaching staff for going for it on 4th and 2. The play was a good play, and he missed the spot by a couple of inches. If he makes that play and they score a TD then you think Ty is a genuis. Such are the decisions a staff has to make in a game.

As for the 80 yard TD pass, if you haven't seen the newspapers we were playing like our 4th and 5th string CBs which is pretty bad considering how poor our 1st and 2nd string CBs are. This is most definately Ty's fault. He can only use the players he was given to him by the complete idiot known as Keith Gilbertson.

Finally, if you are not going to be happy with a 5-6 and 6-5 season directly after a horrible 1-10 season than you are in for a big dissapointment. This wasn't a 1-10 season where the team was young and they showed a lot of potential. It was a complete ass crap team that probably couldnt have beaten Bellevue High School.

It is going to take time to bring talent into the school. Just think if you wouldn't be happy with a 5-6 and 6-5 season than Don James would have never even made it as a coach at UW. Give the guy more the one game to decide whether or not he will be a good coach or not.

Finally, Willinham was not really fired mid-season. He got fired at the end of the regular season.

Myk said...

What are you talking about? Are you really saying that the Mariners are being focused on just because they are not in a pennant race or are you saying that our players are getting suspsended so we don't effect the race...I sure hope it isn't number 2

Philly said...

Mike Morse is being jailed for the third time for the same offense this is ridiculous.

MLB needs to correct this issue.

lockedonroidsjustplayin said...

Here's a guy stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for his mistake. That's what a man does. This is a good man. He puts Raffy to shame.

Biggie said...


I'm going to have to side with myk on this one (I know I can't believe I said it either) but you can't judge Ty on one game dude, the calls were questionable to me too, but we don't have a good team. Stanback played an awesome game like I knew he would and the dawgs played 10 times better than last season. All I ask is that they give the same effort on the field that I saw in the first game. I'm an alum myself, I was born and raised here in Seattle, so trust me I love my Dawgs. But you gotta be realistic, we are not going to be very good for the next two or three years, face it, it's called "paying your dues". We don't dominate the Pac anymore, sad but true. Give it time Ty's a good coach, don't say anything on here that people can throw in your face later (because if we start kickin ass sooner than expected, you will have no credibility) and you know they will, hell I will. LOL. Good stuff, keep the stimulating talk going and I'll try not to bring up stuff like fat-ass barbara bush stating that most of Katrinas victims were "underprivledged, so the situation (in the astrodome) is working really well for them". Fat Cow, if any one has a dollar raffle to Spreewell that b*tch, I'll by 10,000.

Anonymous said...

myk - yes, the mariners are being focused on because they are not in a pennant or wild card race. Selig's goals are two-fold. 1. It's all about protecting the pocket books of the owners ($$$). 2. CYA
If Selig was to focus on contending teams, baseball could take a serious hit ($$$).

If Selig truly cared about the sport and the fans, he would be releasing progress reports/stats. That's all I'm asking for. He would have clear goals in mind, e.g., a level playing field for all, safety for players, etc. Does anyone understand what Selig's goals truly are? His plan to meet the goals?


Myk said...

I thought the Daily Show coverage of this whole situation the last couple days has been flat out hillarious and sadly right on point

It is sad that I have more confidence on some comedian than our president

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks that Black is a Huskie alum, I've got some beach front property in NOLA to sell you.

Myk said...

Here is one thing I dont understand and maybe someone here with a better understanding of 'Roids can help me out.

If Morse is saying he truly hasn't been using for two years and his three tests were all of the same drug doesn't that mean every player who tested positive in the minors (and majors for that matter) will continue to test positive for years later?

This year we got a list of what 50 people in the minors who tested for steroids some of these others players must have been tested on the MLB level too.

What am I missing?

Biggie said...

Man these new orleans jokes are nicely timed. jackoff. I wish you were down there. Helping.

Anonymous said...

That other anonymous is a piece of shit, I don't really like the things that black says either, but making any joke about NOLA is just fucking wrong. Go to hell you piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah, Mike Morse is a big "man" to admit he took roids. But, he's just a boy for takin 'em in the first place. Cheater!!

Biggie said...

Whoa, check it out the anons are fighting. LOL I'm sure ya'll can settle this like two grown women.

Sonic EJ said...


Biggie said...

Yo Ej,

What's happenin'? How was the trip? Hope you didn't go down south. Same old jackasses on here. Did you catch that "signing of the year" Mikki Moore? I take back everything I said about Wally, this signing is going to make us a dynasty.

Hey ak1984,

can you tell I was being sarcastic about that? LOL

Mike Barer said...

He seems like a nice enough guy, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt in this case.

Sonic EJ said...


My trip was great. I went to London for 4 days and Edinburgh, Scotland for 7. I tried to follow what was going on in the sports world back home but it was hard with the crappy USA Today that I was reading. Also it was kind of weird to be in another country while NO, MS and AL were getting the shit kicked out of them.

Back to sports.

Mikki Moore???

If the only team we can get players from is the Clippers why can’t we find away to get Elton Brand?

Seriously this off season was a disaster for the Sonics. Going into it, they looked ready to take the next step. I couldn’t be more disappointed with Sonics management at this point.

I think they need more talent regardless of position although we all would agree center is our weakness. What about Eddie Curry? Any contract he signs is going to have an out clause for the team if he is forced to retire because of his heart. And if he is healthy he could be a real steal for someone like Vlade.

IF we can't get a center why don’t we go all PHX on the leagues ass and find away to get Paul Pierce while he is available? If we could pull off a deal and still keep Lewis to play the 4 (Just force him into it) and Allen to play the 2 that team would be ready to play the up-tempo O Bob has been talking about.

BTW any deal the Sonics could make to bring in someone who plays D would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Morse is a fag! Baseball sucks.

The Huskies are much better and Ty will work out (sorry Diezel). But they lost to Air Force??? No really, Air Force??? That hurts.

Last but not least, my Raiders should have beaten those damn Pats last night but Kerry Collins couldn’t keep it together. Big opportunity missed by the Raiders.

Diezel said...

Luckily I had Moss, Dillon, and Branch on my Fantasy team last night...the killer was though the guy i was playing had to sit Gates this week and made a miracle pickup of Courtney Anderson.... Hey ej, where they been hiding him at??? Jerry Porter looked like he was still a little banged up with that Hammy...

I agree Mikki Moore this is getting ridiculous!!!! At least if ur gonna get scrubs dont get them from one of the worst franchises in NBA history...

Once again the Cavs get another player....Damon Jones, that adds to Donyell Marshall, and Larry Hughes..and the resigning of Z.

When r the sonics going to resolve the Vlade/Reggie/Flip situation??? if they bring flip back I am going to be SHOCKED!!!

Sonic EJ said...


Now the Cavs are going after another player? Alan Henderson. WTF!!

Rick Sund is being schooled by Danny Ferry.

Help! Steve Balmer save us please! Buy the Sonics and fire this management!!! Seattle needs your help!

Diezel said...

I just read that on people were killin me when i mentioned Alan Henderson...even Calvin Booth got broke off again signing with the Wizards....everyone that was brainwashed by these sonic stooleys saying resigning AD was a bad idea just look at the Earl Watson deal and the Damon Jones deal pretty much the exact same deals....people that is what the market value calls for!!!!

I am still not sold on Luke as a productive point guard in the NBA, but i guess i will lay off of the Sonics until October...The hawks this weekend and the dawgs are my priority this weekend!!1

Myk said...

Yawn...this gets so old

So EJ, you want Pierce or Brand tell me who are the Sonics going to trade for them. Especially if you dont want to give up Lewis. Plus I think Lewis would be really happy to just be forced to play the 4

Keep bashing the Sonics for not doing this and not doing that because in your fantasy worlds trades for Pierce and Brand could really happen.

There is a big difference between Watson, Jones and AD and that is AD is 3 or 4 years older than each of them, has a bad leg and has only ever had one decent year. But..that is not to say that Watson and Jones were really overpaid. I think the Watson signing shows that the Nuggets are getting ready to deal Andre Miller. I guess Karl didn't like him before he started to coach the Nuggets and now they waster their midlevel on another Guard who can't shoot in Watson

Biggie said...

Let's go Hawks!!!! We need to stomp on these Jags man. Then we need to go sit Vick down. I can't remember the last time the Hawks played two black QB's in back to back weeks, I for one think it's great. I hope they do well, but I wanna beat the snot out of em (of course, If you cut me open my blood is kind of a blue/green/gold/purple mix). Man I f*ckin LOVE fottball season, It's like f*ckin christmas. GO HAWKS AND DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike Morse tested positive for steroids because he let Boonie do him in the butt. Fuck the Mariners.

Myk said...

So I heard that Jay Williams is working out for teams now? I think that is someone the Sonics should take a shot on. As long as the money isn't outrageous (I would even go up to 2million a year) I would give him a 2 or 3 year contract. I know that we already have Luke but if you can get top 3 talent for cheap you should at least consider it.

Diezel said...

Earl watson is 26 and Damon Jones is 29, like i have been saying u have to make moves to win..look at the spurs they signed Van exel, and michael Finley and are considering going over the luxury tax to match the offer for Devin Brown, so as u say we are not living in fantasy we are in reality, when all the teams in the west made key moves last season(i.e. B diddy to Golden state/Diagu draft) or this off season except for Seattle.. Sac improved, Houston, Golden state, San Antonio,all the teams that we are competing with for a ring.

Once again we get to the arguement are u happy with second round playoff losses or do u want to chase a ring??? I go with the latter.

Black...I have to give credit to you, I did not think Isaiah would play as well as he did last weekend,, I hope this continues..

Myk said...

Just read that Stanback is looking to run more. Can anyone help me understand why every roll-out he had during the AF was to his left which meant that he had to throw the ball across his body? Seems to me he should go to the right...

Myk said...

Look at the players you are saying the Spurs signed: Van Exyl and Finley. Both past their prime players looking ot get a ring.

Now look at the players you want the Sonics to get: Chandler, Curry, Brand, Pierce etc.

There is such a large talent gap there that I would assume you could understand that there is a difference.

Also, other than Shareef can you name one player that these other teams signed that would have made sense for the Sonics AND made you think yeah they are going to be in the Finals this year...I sure don't think Finley or Van Exyl would put us over the top.

Sonic EJ said...


Soft-ass fans like you are the reason Sonics management does not feel pressure to win a title.

We have quality young players in Vlade, Nick and Luke along with other assets like draft picks that could be used in a trade.

You do make one good point. Deals like the ones I have mentioned are a fantasy and will never happen. However other teams will make deals and win titles (Miami) and the Sonics will be left watching from the sidelines.

Who is to blame? Most of the blame should go to ownership and management but some of the blame has to fall on the fan base for being soft. (Diezel and Black are examples of real fans)

Keep in mind 16 team go to the playoffs each year. That is more than half of the league. If the best your team does in a five year stretch is go to the playoffs twice and the second round once while never having a top 10 pick then you are mediocre. Winning a championship is supposed to be the goal. Don’t tolerate mediocre teams or endorse standing still while other teams improve. If you do you are a mediocre fan at best.

Myk said...

Did anyone here Craig Chambers mom call into Mitch's show this for him I am sure Ty probably wouldn't be too happy with that.

Myk said...

Sonic EJ,
I don't TOLERATE the fact that they are losing...Im just not stupid like you guys who think that the Sonics are not TRYING to win. You act like they are just hanging out wanting to be bad. Don't you think winning a championship would be very important to them and their bottom line.

I have nothing against bashing the Sonics when the people that do it can explain what the Sonics could do better. For example that Miami trade would have done nothing for the Sonics since we already have a PG, 2Guard and SF.

EVERY DEAL made by a contender this year really wouldn't do the Sonics any good and then we bash them for only going out and signing the best FA on the market. If Ray Allen had played for Milwaukee and we signed him this year all of you would be saying that Sonics were so great and they are showing such initiative.

Myk said...

In case everyone doesn't understand this already it is pretty easy to trade for Small Forwards and Guards that is why you see guys like Tracy McGrady, Steve Francis, Ray Allen etc. traded each year.

But to get a good big man like you guys all want they either need to be really unhappy with where they are at (see: Shaq) or have attitude issues (see: Rasheed) or be a complete gamble due to injury/underperformance (see: Webber and O'Neal)

Besides the Rasheed trade who I think we can all agree only happened because he actually might be crazy. Every other trade hasn't caused their team to win the title. So the grass ain't always greener and change for changes sake is just dumb.

Sonic EJ said...

Wally Walker is posting under the name myk.

Myk said...

Sonic EJ,
Good response...those are the ones that typically come from people who can't providing any real evidence to argue their side they just want to bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch because it makes the feel like something is happening..

Sonic EJ said...

You are just pissed because I called out how weak of a fan you are. Go back and read my posts again and maybe it will start to sink in.

The Sonics have a track record of being mediocre. If you don’t think we needed to make a move because the players we have are so good then it is you who are living in fantasy land. Wake up.

Biggie said...

Goddamnit Wally, shouldn't you be "running" a team, oops I should have spelled it ruinning. Does Myk have some secret meaning? Get back to "work" Wally.

Diezel, Thanks bro. Stanback reminds me alot of Jason Campbell from Auburn last year. The kid was garbage his first two years, started putting it together his third year and was a complete undefeated stud as a senior. I see alot of similarities in their game too. I would love it if Isaiah takes the same type of path.

No more Supes until October at least (you too ej) all of us real sonic fans will have to just wait.

EJ, what happened to your Raiders bro?? They should be starting Tui.

Biggie said...

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

(that's a classic white boy yell) LOL My homeboy from Garfield used to do those so well, it was a huge hit at parties. He always ended it with a "FUCK YEAH". LOL

Sonic EJ said...


Kerry Collins blew the game is what happed! Tui looks like he might get a shot this year if David Green doen't beat him to it. Moss is the man and he might make up for some of Tui throwing problems.

What would be best is if Collins could just settle down and find an open receiver in the first 4-5 seconds after the snap. If not put in Tui.

Biggie said...

Kerry Collins looks like he's back on the bottle, I saw him on the sidelines lastnight, and he looked drunk as a skunk. Crazy ass MOFO. Him and Koren need to hang out, Carlos Guillen can come too.

HuskiesAreBitches said...

Stanback couldn't carry Campbell's jock with a forklift! The one good thing about having Sackback at QB is that UW is sure to get some decent QB recruits next year, considering that Ty can promise them that they would be starting as a true freshman. I'm sure Isiah will be more than happy to switch to WR after the beating he's going to take this year.


you lick Stanback's Jock Bitch. Fuck you.

Myk said...

More classic resposes by black and EJ...lets just bitch about things but not provide any realistic options.

You are probably the same people who bitch about the president but didn't even vote.

Myk said...

Sad day for Husky football...they just dont have any confidence in themeselves. Its almost as if they expect to lose and/or bad things to happen...hopefully Idaho will be a better game

huskiesarebitches said...

Great game out there today huskies, you worthless pieces of shit. Notre Dame gets a big win, and the huskies, again, drop a big fat steaming pile on the field. Looks like the ND administration made the right call in getting rid of that hack you puppies now call a head coach. The Notre Dame womes field hockey team could beat your "team" I can only imagine what there football team is going to do.

Myk said...

wow huskies you are one dumb sonofabitch...isn't this the same husky team that lost to a young ND last yaer by 40 points or whatever?

The Huskies just don't have talent and worst of all they don't have the confidence to win yet..this really has very little to do with coaching..

Biggie said...


Wow, for once (or maybe twice) I agree with you. The ND team that just beat michigan is comprised of all willingham recruits. Huskies is just mad because he got cut as the huskies towelboy, and there was no one else competing for the job.