Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Locked on Sports: Onus on Hasselbeck to rekindle bravado

Locked on Sports: Onus on Hasselbeck to rekindle bravado: "Since then, the fourth- quarter magic that had been a staple of a young Hasselbeck has disappeared. Aside from two very good drives last year against the Cowboys, Hasselbeck and the Hawks have been dormant in the fourth quarter since that Jan. 4, 2004, day at Lambeau Field."


Sonic EJ said...

Hasselbeck is far from the biggest problem on this team. I don’t think we can judge what kind of QB Matt is until the Hawks get some of the drops under control for the whole season. I have never seen a QB lose so many stats and games because of ‘receivers’ that can’t catch. If the ‘receivers’ would have caught half the passes they dropped in the last two years alone then maybe......

What is it with this team? Every time I start to write about them I look back and realize I am writing about one of the worst franchises in the NFL. They sucked before, they suck now, and they’re going to suck in the future. LOL.

GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Myk said...

Actually EJ I dont think they are one of the worst franchises in that title for the Arizonas and Houstons of the world.

What the Seahawks are (and this is on record) is the most mediocre team ever. They have more 7-9,8-8,9-7 finishes since coming into the league than any other team..thats what makes it hard. You can't just stop rooting for them because each year they have a chance they just never capitalize

Anonymous said...

The term "rekindle" brings the following to mind:

"Matt Hasselbeck in an effort to rekindle bravado, during an in studio interview, gave David Locke a hot foot."

Sonic EJ said...

Actually I can just stop rooting for them. I kind of think two years ago was the peak for this team. I think they are closer to going 2-14 and drafting another Rick Mier than a NFC Championship. They are going to get plastered by a team that plays the right way on Sunday. I have never been so sure about a game in my life. Watch closely myk, you could be an Atlanta fan if you wanted. No Seahawk fan has any room to talk if you finally fall off a beat to crap band wagon.

Sonic EJ said...

Sorry, Rick Mirer.

Mike Barer said...

We need a solid backup. Sort of a Kur Warner type. Hasselbeck does better with another Quarterback breathing down his neck.
Jon Kitna anyone?

Myk said...

They are not closer to 2-14 than 14-2 because they are right in the middle at 8-8..always have been and possibly always will be.

BTW other than that one year when they just got their asses handed to them in the Super Bowl what have the Raiders done in oh say the last 20 years? I thought this was all about winning championships or is that only for the Sonics? Needless to say the Raiders have done as much as the Seahawks have since 1985 so I don't know what you are talking about.

Biggie said...


Diezel said...

Like I said by no means am I giving up on the Hawks yet. This division can be won with a 8-8 record maybe even 7-9, especially since the Cards plya STL, and the niners play on Phili. This week is kind of big though because since this plyoff format only two teams have started 0-2 and made it to the superbowl, the last being the 2001 Patriots.

Matt can be a good QB, he just needs to stop being a poor mans Favre and just play his game. It might be hard running against this d though as phili only had 70 yds rushing in the game.

I wonder if we get on the one if Holmgren will call another QB sneek like last year.

Free Ron Mexico!!

Sonic EJ said...

You Seahawk fans are crazy.

News flash myk, the Seahawks are the Clippers of the NFL until they prove they’re not.

The Seahawks really were 2-14. Have they ever been 14-2? I think the track record shows they are more likely to go 2-14.

Yes it is all about championships. My team has 3. How many does your team have myk? LOL.

The fact that the Raiders have been to the Super Bowl in the last 10 ten years tells me they are might be closer to winning one then say...the Seahawks. (damn tuck rule. They would have won four by now). Can you say the same about the Hawks? I don’t think they have even won a playoff game since like 84. Come on that is pathetic.

It sounds like I don't need to tell you how much the Seahawks suck because you openly admit it. Your rational is that other teams are just as bad. Rationalizing is the key to being a Hawks fan.

You are right about one thing. The Raiders have done everything the Seahawks have done. Plus win a bunch of playoff games, go to the Super Bowl, and have MVPs ect. Wait...I guess the Raiders didn’t lose 14 games. That’s all Seahawks baby!

At least Black knows better than to compare the history of one of the most storied franchises in sports to the Seahawks.

Myk said...


- Wow you have won three championships..too bad it has been 22 years since the last one.

- Seriously why do people fall back on titles that happened so long ago? How pathetic, I love my Dodgers you know they are great because they won a title in the late 60s...get over it.

- Again like I said based on the Sonics analogy doesn't the fact that they havent won a title in so long make them suck..where is their anger!!

- Which team has been in the playoffs the last two years? I know the Hawks with 2-14 but didn't some team just go 4-12 RIGHT AFTER THE SUPER pathetic is that.

-If any team in the NFL is the Clippers that would be the Cardinals my friend.

- It has been 21 years since the Seahawks won a playoff game. Who did they beat that year..I can't remember...

- Since 2000 (even with the Super Bowl season) the Raiders have a whole one more win...pretty sad when you compare it to the "Clippers of the NFL" huh?

- How pathetic is to be a Raider fan, talk about jumping onto a band wagon. Very very original.

Finally, this is kind of long but I will quote Bill Simmons from about all of the Raiders fans that bitch about the "tuck rule" play:

Every time the Tuck Rule Game gets mentioned, three other things should also be mentioned: First, Gruden had second-and-3 to close out the game, ran the ball twice up the middle, didn't get the three yards, then punted on fourth-and-inches. If they had gotten those three yards, Brady never gets the ball back. Everyone seems to forget this. And second, on the famous play, WOODSON CHOPPED BRADY IN THE HEAD TO CAUSE THE FUMBLE!!! Not only is that illegal, it's one of the few guaranteed "we're calling that every time" whistles in football. Everyone forgets this, too. And third, not only was the rule interpreted correctly, but they voted on keeping it at the next Rules Committee Meeting.

To recap: Raiders fans have spent the last four years complaining about a play in which (A) their player should have been penalized, (B) the rule was interpreted correctly, and (C) it never should have happened in the first place because their coach choked away a second-and-3 situation and lacked the testicular fortitude to go for it on fourth down. Those are the facts. If you want to keep complaining, so be it.


Sonic EJ said...


Very nice myk, I new you wouldn't let me have the last word.

Somewhere in all these random facts and stats that you have listed I seem to have miss whatever point you are trying to make.

Is it that the Raiders suck? Could be.

Is it that the Seahawks are great? It can’t be it.

Is it that there is little difference between the two? If it is you are crazy.

Do you have a point or are you just pissed because I picked on the Seahawks?

As far as the Sonics are concerned, I thought I was the one always blasting you for being a Wally Walter yes man. They have won one title. It counts forever. That is what is great about winning them. Guys like me get pissed if the team is mediocre and nothing is being done about it. With the Sonics that is the case. With the Raiders I’m coming into the new season with Randy Moss as an upgrade from last year. Therefore I feel like Al Davis doing his best to win another title.

BTW if you don’t understand how teams win titles I’m not surprised.

Usually a team stockpiles talent and mortgages the future for a championship run. After their title run they are bad for awhile. It is not uncommon for great franchises to be bad after title runs.

Examples include:

The Raiders, Packers, Heat, 49ers, Pistons, Broncos, Lakers, Cowboys, Rockets, Falcons, and Celtics.

My Raiders will win another title before your Seahawks win their first, guaranteed!!!

“Wow you have won three championships..too bad it has been 22 years since the last one…Seriously why do people fall back on titles that happened so long ago? How pathetic…”

This is a classic statement from a jaded Seahawk fan who knows he will never win a championship. If the Seahawks had a title you would bring it up when people talked shit instead of some weak statement like “It has been 21 years since the Seahawks won a playoff game. Who did they beat that year..I can't remember...” LOL

Let me know when your team wins a playoff game. LOL

Myk said...

Wow EJ,

- You are right the 49ers and the Patriots and the Cowboys really stock piled the talent and then right away fell off after their FIRST SB appearance.

- And yes my point is that the Raiders and the Seahawks...not that much different at least during the times where CDs and DVDs and Computers were used in the world.

- Wow the Sonics did win a title that was only 26 years ago and when I judge the team I rate them against that title becuase in 2005 it really means much as compared to 1978

- Seriously though look at these teams you laid out:

The Raiders: great 4-12 season after the SB

Packers: havent had a losing season since their two SB appearances

Heat: ummm not even sure why they are here.

49ers: Won 5 titles and didn't drop off until last year (SB season was in 94)

Pistons: After their Championship run they went to the Finals again...

Broncos: won two super bowls in a row and I dont think that they have been under 500 since

Lakers: Won three titles in a row and the only reason they didnt do good was because they traded their best player

Cowboys: didnt fall off until 2000 almost 4 years after their last SB

Rockets: Won TWO championships in a row..


Celtics: Fell from play off contention only 5 years afte the fact.

Wow there is one odd team in this whole group I wonder who it is. I give credit for mortgaging the future for Moss that has made them do as good as they did before they had him...GOOD TRADE!!

Good to know you didn't have sh!t to say about the Tuck Rule game...

Sonic EJ said...

Are you new to this whole sports thing? For example, why do you assume I was talking about the Pistons run that is still in progress? Also, I said “championship run” dumb ass. Figure it out.

I could argue every single ‘point’ you made but I’m not going to continue to waste my time explaining something you either can’t understand or are just arguing to be an ass. You don’t get it. That is fine. Let’s agree to disagree.

Myk said...

No I am not to the whole Sports thing but your points didn't make any sense. You believe as a Sonics fan that the only way to win a championship is to gather talent and "mortgage the future" yet every team that has won the NBA title in the last 20 years did nothing of the sort.

Biggie said...

Ladies please,

Get ahold of yourselves. LOL That was pretty good though, you cats both have valid points, good reading. I guess you just have to agree to disagree. I'll say that the Raiders do have a better track record than tha Hawks but they should they've been around longer and are one of the NFLs storied franchises. BUT, ej if you are from Seattle and are a Raiders fan, you are the biggest buster ever. I remember getting into a big ass brawl in P. square back in 1993, because a bunch of raiders fans were up here from cali talkin all types of smack, they probably won't be back after that ass whoopin' LOL.

Sonic EJ said...

Way to kick their ass black! I don't care for most Raider fans my self.

But I am over the Hawks man. Same sh!t every year. I love Al Davis and I hate the Seahawks. What can I say? LOL.

Sonic EJ said...

Ok but just one more last rant at myk,

In the context of why the Raiders sucked balls the year after their most recent Super Bowl appearance I said:

Usually a team stockpiles talent and mortgages the future for a championship run. After their title run they are bad for awhile. It is not uncommon for great franchises to be bad after title runs.

It is rare for a team to drop off as quickly as the Raiders did but it is not the first time it has happened. Off the top of my head the first example I can think of is the Bulls in 99.

There is a difference between winning a title, which usually requires some luck, and making a 2-3 year run at one. For example, I think most people in Seattle would agree that the Sonics made a championship run from like 93 to 96. They never won one but they put themselves in position to if the cards fell right. That is what I would call a run at a title or a championship run. Is this concept hard for you to grasp? You seem to be trying to call me out on something I never said.

Every team that has won a title in the NBA in the last 20, this is different than a run at a title, has won with rebounding and defense or had a superstar big man. Let me explain exactly what I think of the Sonics. If the Sonics want to try and win with three point shooting and ball movement then I wish them good luck but I think they are wasting their time. If they want to win with defense and rebounding they need to make some deals. If they want a superstar big man they have to be really bad for awhile and get one with a top-5 pick.

Alright myk,
You have the last word on this if you want it. Believe me, I will disagree but I think we should give it up. This is starting to get old.

Anonymous said...


Kieth Gilbertson said...

My finger smells like my poop.

Kieth Gilbertson said...

Gilby finger smell like Myk ass. mmmmmmmmmm!!! Gilby love ass.

Sonic EJ said...

I knew it. Hasselbeck did hurt his arm on the last play of the game. Is score could get ugly on Sunday.

Falcons 34 Seahawks 13

Biggie said...

That's OK because Kendrell Bell is suitin' up for KC this weekend so I stand by my earlier prediction that the cheifs are gonna f*ck ya'll up.

Biggie said...

anyway since when do the falcons put up 34??

Anonymous said...

Sonic ej takes it up the ass from old Al Davis. And old Al busts dust nuts.

Sonic EJ said...

Probably the last time they played a team with only one legitimate LB and one legitimate D-lineman. Don’t forget 170 rushing yards is the record for Vick and the NFL. I think he has a good shot to break it this week.

The ‘Chefs’ look like they might be good this year.

Raiders 24 Chiefs 21

Myk said...

- I agree to disagree about who you root for but I just don't see why the Raiders are all that better than the Seahawks. I am 26 years old and there isn't to big of a difference between the two franchises during my lifetime.

- The Sonics are not trying to avoid rebounding and defense they just realize that it is impossible to get a PF that is good unless you get lucky in the they draft Petro and/or Swift and yet you guys still kill them for trying..instead of drafting Petro we should have drafted Nate Robinson...because we needed another guard. All I have said all along is that you guys are complaining just to complain.

- Falcons aren't going to score 34..the game won't be more than 20-17

- What does everyone think about Kirton? I think that you will be seeing him on Sunday, next in line of great Husky TEs.

Biggie said...

close dude, 21-18