Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Whaaa, Whaa, Whaaa – Shawn Alexander – Whaaaa – let’s make this short and simple. Alexander will cost the Seahawks a game or two next year. He will holdout, come in out of rhythm and the Hawks will have to coddle him back into the lineup and it will cost them a game or two, he is a selfish taltened I guy and is downer to have on your team. Signing to a long term deal is a bad idea because running back die at some point and this hold out garbage is going to cost the Hawks games. It is just a lose-lose situation.


Mike Barer said...

I've gotten sick of Shaun also. Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Shaun are cut from the same cloth.

Biggie said...

Mike, you look pretty stupid now huh?? More white guys bashing black athletes, god I love seattle. LOL