Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Bret Boone’s release. This is another example of terrible management by the Mariners. This is a move that should have been made in the off-season. Not making this move in the off-season shows a real lack of initiative and makes me wonder where the plan is. First off, on the field his play diminished greatly in 2004. His defense was no longer special, his bat lots its spark and his average slipped 30 points. Why anyone is surprised that the fall continued amazes me? Why do the Mariners always have to move a player a day late. The correct move was to turn second base over to Lopez when the year started. Moreover and maybe most importantly, Boone was a determinant in the clubhouse. As long as he existed in that clubhouse it was his clubhouse and every day he struggled the atmosphere in the clubhouse got worse. When the Mariners signed Beltre and Sexson it was time to turn the clubhouse over to the new guys. Instead the crossing of eras took place and it is the #1 reason why the Mariners are terrible again.
Boone had a great run in Seattle it just should have ended at the end of last season and no one had the premonition to get it done or no one had the guts.


Anonymous said...

elise on the radio said boone has bounced up and down. locke said no he hasnt.

Year Team AVG
 1992 SEA 0.194
 1993 SEA 0.251
 1994 CIN 0.32
 1995 CIN 0.267
 1996 CIN 0.233
 1997 CIN 0.223
 1998 CIN 0.266
 1999 ATL 0.252
 2000 SD 0.251
 2001 SEA 0.331
 2002 SEA 0.278
 2003 SEA 0.294
 2004 SEA 0.251
 2005 SEA 0.231

looks like elise had some good evidence for her statement. 6 changes in direction on batting average in 14 years.

Anonymous said...

and specifically on want the mariners "should have expected" after he hit .250 last year. he hit that three times before. twice he rebounded to great seasons of 320 and .331. once he hit .250 again. so how was it "obvious' he has headed to .230? it is not surprising given the age, but the .250 the year before wasnt really that informative on the call whether to stay with him or dump him last offseason given his up and down record.

Anonymous said...

Boone was a solid player and person on and off the field. He was a great teammate and was respected by his peers. It was clear that his teammates are going to miss him and were thankful for his help, especially the young guys like Morse, Lopez, etc. I don't blame the Mariners at all for keeping him and I was actually glad that they did.