Friday, May 20, 2005


The Sonics as a team were a –40 in the series. In parenthesis is what the team did when that player was on the bench.

Player Total
Nick Collison +17 (-57)
Danny Fortson +3 (-43)
Damien Wilkins –12 (-28)
Rashard Lewis –27 (-13)
Ray Allen –27 (-13)
Antonio Daniels –30 (-10)
Luke Ridnour –33 (-7)
Reggie Evans -33 (-7)
Jerome James -44 (+4)

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PlentyO said...

Hey Locke, great job working on the playoffs. I was just listening to your show, and fantasizing (as I often do) about next season, playing the GM character. Here's my dream scenario 9-man rotation for '95-'96, with players under contract in bold:

PG Luke Ridnour
SG Ray Allen
SF Rashard Lewis
PF Nick Collison
C Tyson Chandler

Vladimir Radmanovic
Antonio or Jaric or Jackson
Danny Fortson (picks up his option?)
Damien Wilkins

I know Nate likes a tighter rotation...seems like we used 10 when healthy this year.

Anyway, I think adding Chandler and letting Jerome go would be an awesome (if highly unlikely) move. What do you think?