Tuesday, May 17, 2005




Tony Parker may have just found his rhythm by hitting three uncontested jumpers late. That would be bad.
Ray Allen 1 for 4 in the 4th quarter and 2 points in the 3rd Quarter.

SPURS 95 SONICS 81 with 4:00 left in the 4th Q
This isn't Ray's night he has missed 4 straight jumpers
The flagrant foul on Wilkins was not flagrant.
The wind is out of the Sonics sails. When AD and Ray just missed back to back drives the team looked dejected.
Nick Collison getting his 5th foul was a huge moment in this game. He has not returned.

SPURS 91 SONICS 81 with 5:26 left in the game
This is Manu's night. In SA with Manu having this kind of night it is amazing Seattle is in the game at all.
It feels like Duncan is struggling and he has 18 points and 13 rebounds.
The Spurs have made the plays tonight. They have avoided the nervous possessions all night. The Sonics have never had the ball close enough to cause a frieght.
The best thing in the NBA may be the Spurs dancers in Chaps dancing to ACDC Shook me all night long.

SPURS 82 SONICS 75 with 8:35 left in the 4th
The Sonics may still get this game.
Give Flip Murray credit he came in the game and didn't force. He played in the system. In 10 minutes he didn't take a shot.
Brent Barry is really struggling. 0 for3 and Pop has lost confidence in him.

SPURS 81 SONICS 75 with 9:32 left in the 4th
Jerome returns with 10:37 left because Nick has 5 fouls.
JJ has been terrible, Seattle can't afford it again.
Parker is still non-existent. 1 of 9 from the field. He re-enters.
Ginobili is carring this team tonight -- 35 points.

SPURS 78 SONCIS 68 at the end of the 4th Quarter
Allen scores just 1 point in the Quarter.
The Sonics opening group just crushed the Sonics.
Mohammed had 10 points in the quarter and Ginobili had 14.

Third Quarter Guarding Duncan
Evans guarded him for 4:00 Duncan had 1 touch 0 points
Fortson guarded him for 5:30 Duncan had 5 touches and 2 points
Collison guarded him for :30 Duncan had 2 touches and 0 points.

Total he has 28 touches and 12 points.

SPURS 74 SONICS 63 with 4:13 left in the 3rd Quarter.
The Sonics have gone small and they are scoring again.
They have to find a way to get stops
The Spurs are 48-4 when they lead going into the 4th and 34-1 at home and 4-1 in the playoffs.

SPURS 73 SONICS 58 with 5:29 left in the 3rd Quarter
How much did Evans and James kill this team today. With Evans and James on the floor together the Sonics scored on just 3 of 15 possessions.
With any other combo on the floor the Sonics have scored on 26 of 36 possessions.
Ginobili is unstopable. He has 32 points on 10 of 11 shooting.

Locke, do you think the pressure that the Spurs put on the Sonics early in the game is starting to show fatigue wise?

Honestly I put it all on the Evans and James combo. The Sonics have only scored on 3 of 15 possessions while those two were on the floor.

SPURS 67 SONICS 53 with 7:03 in the third quarter
The Sonics have gone back to the high pick and roll as their primary offense.
Reggie Evans is having a terrible time staying with the defensive assignments.
Jerome James is struggling on the road.
The Evans and James combo has been outscored 23-5 with both on the floor. They are both playing very poorly, they are killing the offense and the defense. At the beginning of both halves the Sonics have been pounding the ball because James and Evans stymie the offense.
Narz Mohammad has 9 points in the quarter.

SPURS 56 SONICS 50 with 10:30 left in the third Quarter
6-0 run to open the Quarter. Seattle has given up two dunks and a fast break.

The Spurs have just 4 points in 31 minutes off the bench
The Sonics have 12 points and 7 rebounds in 45 minutes.

Last year he went 7 of 23 in Game 5 and 4 of 18 in Game 6 v. the Lakers
Tonight he is 1 of 8 at halftime.
In the first two games Parker averaged 25.5 pts a game since then he is just 14 of 39 from the field. In the first two games he was 18 of 33. This is the exact same as last year.

Ray Allen was amazing in the 2nd quarter with 15 points
The Sonics took it right at Duncan who had 2 fouls.
Duncan missed 4 of his 6 free throws. Time to start thinking Timmy.
The Sonics scored on 16 of 21 possessions in the Quarter.
The Sonics have scored on 24 of their last 33 possessions.

Who has guarded Tim Duncan
Evans guarded him for 6:51 -- Duncan had 6 touches and scored 3 points
Forston guarded him for 9:00 -- Duncan had 10 touches and scored 4 points
James guarded him for 2:00 -- Duncan had 2 touches and scored 2 points
Collison guarded him for 2:00 -- Duncan had 2 touches and 0 points
Vitaly guarded him for 1:00 -- Duncan had 0 touches.

Seattle committed 4 fouls on Duncan.

SPURS 46 SONICS 41 with 2:34 left in the 2nd Quarter
Luke Ridnour having another good offensive day 3 of 5 shooting.
This is very surprising -- both teams are shooting over 50%.
Traditionally in the playoffs the offense becomes less good as the series goes.
Second chance points are the difference 9 to 2.
Seattle can't contain Ginobili. He is 6 of 7 from the floor and is getting into the paint.
Rudy's BBQ has struck and we are looking for Rolaids.

SPURS 41 SONICS 35 with 5:48 left in the 2nd Quarter
Sonics have scored on 8 of 10 trips in the 2nd Quarter.
Tim Duncan is pacing himself to make sure his teammates get involved.
Ray Allen has 6 in the Q
Ginobili is killing Seattle he has two threes and now a lay-up - 19 points.

SPURS 31 SONICS 25 with 8:50 left in the 2nd Quarter
Seattle scored on just 1 of their first 9 possessions since they have scored on 12 of their last 18 trips down the floor.
Seattle has never been closer. They trailed 7-0.

SPURS 25 SONICS 18 at the end of 1 Quarter.
Every time that Seattle made some progress the Spurs got an offensive rebound and extended their lead.
Narz Mohammed finished the 1st quarter with 7 points and 5 rebounds.
Ginobili had 9 points and 5 of those at the free throw line.
Sonics lineup is Daniels, Flip, Wilkins, Fortson and Collison
Duncan foul #2 with 1:18 left in the 1st Quarter.
Sonics have not found the same mid range game they had in game #3 and #4
Collison was open for a baseline jumper and that will be open all game.
Spurs have a 7-0 second chance point advantage.

SPURS 16 SONICS 10 with 3:00 left in the 1st Quarter
Ray Allen gets foul #2 with 3:17 left in the 1st Quarter without Rashard it means Flip time.
Ray just jumped into the coaches seat and addressed the team. Leadership.
The Spurs have taken the Sonics movement away. When they are pressured they are trying to dribble out of it instead of trying to pass out of it.

SPURS 7 SONICS 0 with 8:04 left in the 1st Quarter.
Spurs play the first pick and roll much more aggressively. Duncan doubled Allen. They are also bringing the big man over into the strongside block. That is three guys guarding Allen on a pick and roll.
Foul trouble will be vital -- Allen gets #1 at 10:30 mark. JJ #2 at the 8:04 mark
Spurs are going under the pick when AD has the ball he has to make the outside shot.
Sonics start 0 for 7

Spurs start Manu Ginobili instead of Brent Barry

Things to keep an eye on …..
• Are the Sonics a different team then the team that was here last week?
• Spurs Penetration
• Sonics Pick and Roll
• Fatigue of Duncan – hits on Duncan
• Sonics small ball
• Sonics just playing what adjustments can be made

Game 1: Spurs 15-8 at 6 minute mark
Game 2: Spurs 13-8 at 6 minute mark
Game 3: Sonics 15-13 at 6 minute mark
Game 4: Sonics 16-9 at 6 minute mark

Rashard will not play


Anonymous said...

Spurs still believe the Sonics performance is a fluke - and that they are not being outplayed...time to believe Spurs...time..to..believe!

Peter Martin said...

Do the Sonics have the Spurs on the ropes here? Seattle turned to James in Game 3, and the Spurs double-teamed him in Game 4. Apparently expecting that, the Sonics hurt the Spurs from the perimeter in Game 4. Don't you expect the Spurs to prepare to defend the perimeter better in this game, and that the Sonics will again change the game plan?

chris said...


Anonymous said...

the Sonics just need to keep touch with the Spurs in the first half. I don't like the way Flip is playing when is is in.

Anonymous said...

once again....Collision is playing like an old vet

Logan said...

too many fouls in the 1st quarter. I believe the spurs were in the bonus at the 5 or 6 minute mark!!!

Logan said...

As bad as we've started the game, we're only down by 6.

Logan said...

We need to get defensive rebounds!

Logan said...

Duncan has two fouls already, ATTACK HIM!

Steve said...

Maybe I'm being hard on the guy, but Flip seems to add nothing when he's in...no defense....no rebounding.

Logan said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bank it...the Sonics are gonna win this baby. Give Ray what he wants and no one will get hurt.

Andy said...

Keep taking it at duncan.

vitalogist said...

all we wanted was a shot - we have that. it is going to take ONE MORE GUY - flip, AD, nick, luke, or damian - to help out ray and JJ - i think barkley is right - ginobili and ray will cancel out, and duncan will get his no's - who will step up???????

Logan said...

Go back to the pick 'n roll with Allen and James. Milk it dry til they figure out an answer!!!

BellTrain said...

Why don't the Supes use Vitaly more to defend Duncan? He seems to be one of our only guys that can hang with him one on one.

vitalogist said...

DO NOT forget about parker - if he heats up, look out.

Anonymous said...

Sonics = the borg - they keep coming and coming and coming...

The spurs took a big lead by the 6 minute mark - ok not big, but bigger than I'd like - and the sonics have tied it by half...note, that's tied it by half, not the cliche of cutting it to 10 by the 4th. If I'm the Spurs - I'm wondering what we have to do to beat the Sonics. We're at home, with pressure, played a good 1st half, and, we're still tied! What do we half to do...
The Spurs are lucky that the Sonics have injury issues!

vitalogist said...

the supes are rallying big time - why not play with no fear? nothing to lose. this is amazing. lets stay close, and have a shot at the end - why not?

Anonymous said...

Jordan addage - if we do it we win...shut the spurs down w/ defense in the 3rd quarter, stay out of foule trouble, and we win.

lots of time to play, and anything can happen, but this feels good baby!

Anonymous said...

0 - 2 to start the 2nd, and not much ball movement - come on guys...

vitalogist said...

what kind of adjustment do they need to make on mohammad, locke? change the matchup, or just put a body on him?

Logan said...

We need to stay close.

Anonymous said...

yes baby! JJ gives the Spurs something else to think about - the G-Man hits another shot, and the sonics don't get the rebound.

Anonymous said...

Locke, do you think the pressure that the Spurs put on the Sonics early in the game is starting to show fatigue wise?

Anonymous said...

crucial possesion here for the Sonics - it would be very easy to throw away all of the work that they did in the 1st half.

Logan said...

If we keep it close, the Spurs will rattle in the end.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me!

Anonymous said...

I meant the foul not your last post :-)

cskarstens said...

playoff are a whole other level, but the sonics always are flat in the opening of the 3rd. if we start barking at the officials, we're going to get run out of here.

Logan said...

Need to get Ray involve.

chris said...

sonics seem to ALWAYS come out flat after the half.

Anonymous said...

and the foul was where?

zsonic said...

Man, they are really calling that hand check past the three point line

Anonymous said...

We're back to a 10 point deficit, but it feels like we wasted an opportunity. Let's see how they recover...

Anonymous said...

Ray, and which X-Factor will step up now.

Chris said...

god i hope those two missed dunks don't cost us......

Logan said...

How about the 3 missed free throws by Ray?

Anonymous said...

A number of missed oppourtunities tonight that, for a young team, put them out of this game. They still showed an amazing ability to hang close with the Spurs at home.

zsonic said...

Those two jumpers by Tony Parker are really tough for the Sonics. He is gaining some confidence for the rest of the series...

-A. said...

You can't lose Vladimir and Rashard AND expect to win with Ray Allen having a bad night.

Given that I don't think there is anything to feel bad about.

(Just win the next one.)

Anonymous said...

manu ginobili - how about those flops. wouldn't it be nice for the sonics fans at the key to chant "FLOP! FLOP! FLOP!..." on thursday.

kinda like counting out the seconds when Karl Malone shot free throws.

Old School Sonic said...

The Sonics did great with drafting Collison and Ridnour plus picking up Damien Wilkins. There won't be any quality post player available in the draft. Why not take a chance on Nate Robinson who would be a great backup to Luke and would be great on creating havoc for other guards to paly against. He is fearless. is powerfully built, and plays above the rim at all times. He would fit perfectly for the style that the Sonics play. And could they even maybe draft Tre Simmons who would be another great perimeter shooter and defender just in case they lose Allen, Radman, or Daniels? Both are good locker room guys, bring great work ethic,and would be Nate's type of players (that's if they resign him too). Hey Howard! You need to sign Ray and Nate as soon as this season is over because the fans will not back up mediocrity!!!!!

Old School Sonic said...

Apparently Ginobli hasn't taken enough lumps on his forehead to keep from slashing to the the hoop. Jerome had a horrible game from a defensive standpoint and made Nazy Mo look like a poor man's Lebron. Fortson played well against Duncan and made him shoot outside of his comfort zone. The Spurs are beatable and the Sonics have got to lay out the wood on the Spurs just like they did in games 3 and 4. Sonics will win in Seattle and Ray will knock down the shots he missed in San Antonio. Thanks to Ray's comments on Bowen before the series started because the refs are now looking out for his flops and antics. They also need to look out for Ginobli's and Horry's flops as well. Defense will save a bad offensive night always. Peace.