Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Today Tim Ruskell, the Seahawks new king pooh bah, meet with the media to discuss his draft plans and draft strategy. Here are the highlights.

* DRAFT ROOM – The draft room has four main boards. The first board has all the players listed by position ranked best to worst. Then they have their Hot List, which are players they are particularly interested in. Then the next wall has all the players listed best to worst regardless of position. Finally they have the results board and their own mock draft. The Hawks only mock the first two rounds of the draft.

* WHAT POSITION – Ruskell insisted that the free agent signing have given them the flexibility to draft the best player available. “I don’t think there is any position we can rule out. Because of what we have done in free agency.” He later admitted that if two players are ranked equally then they go by need. Finally he mentioned, “We want to do things for our defense.”

* RUSKELL RULES -- #1 rule is too make sure you don’t invent a player to have him fit your need. #2 Special Teams ability will have a large impact on who they draft on the second day. This is necessary after a terrible year with the special teams.

* DRAFT DAYS DEAL AND THE TRADE CHART – Ruskell says that he has a chart next to him that he uses to evaluate the trading of picks and says everyone in the league has one. In regards to trades he said, “I can’t think of not listening.”

* ASSISTANT COACHES ROLE -- They give assistant coaches taps of specific players that the personnel people like to see how the coaches compare them to the current players. Ruskell has found it insightful of how some of the coaches thought players would beat out the players he was interested in from the draft.

* ON FIELD OR COMBINE – Ruskell was very insistent on this issue. “I am a believer in what they do on the field, what you se live and what you see on game tape. You have to believe in what you see with the pads on.”

* ATTITUDE ON DEFENSE – On more than four occasions Ruskell mentioned the Sonics have to change their defensive attitude more than their personnel. Addition by subtraction has already taken place according to Ruskell. That is quite a statement about both Simmons and Lucas.

* QUARTERBACKS -- Both of the last two drafts Ruskell has drafted a QB in the 3rd round and both of them have been very successful back-ups. Look for it too happen again. Keep an eye on the QB from Georgia.

* RUNNING BACKS – After the top 3 Ruskell says it there is no consensus. It becomes a flavor of choice issue. Does your system what a change of pace, a power guy, a slanter, etc. JJ Arrington out of Cal is a guy he classified as a pounder. What style do the Hawks want?

* CHAD BROWN – His release is inevitable. If he doesn’t find any takers the Hawks would leave the door open.

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