Saturday, April 23, 2005



I am off to do NBA - TV more later.

Series goes 1-0 to Sonics -- 81% of the teams that win game 1 win the series.

SONICS 85 KINGS 82 with 9.2 seconds left.
Mobley let a quick three go and it was no good, Bibby follows with a miss.
Do the Kings know where they are going with the ball in this circumstance? They have so many new pieces.
Bibby's air ball three didn't need to shot at that point.

SONICS 85KINGS 82 with :25 seconds left.
Holy smokes. JJ recovers off the bobble and puts it in.
This is the essence of playoff basketball. Your plays aren't going to work. The opponent knows what you are going to run and therefore you are going to have to make plays. AD's backdoor cut and the pass from Lewis was making a play. JJ's finsh is making a play. JJ has 17 and 15.

SONICS 83 KINGS 82 -- :42.4 seconds left
Seattle just isn't making plays. AD missed the free throws, Ray missed a good look 3, Reggie missed a put back.
On the flip side, the veterans of the Kings are making play. Mobley hit two big shots.
Where do the Sonics go with :42 left. Look for a left wing Allen/Lewis pick n roll.
The Kings will stay with Mobley.
The Kings have never lead.

SONICS 84 KINGS 79 -- 1:07 left
With 2:44 left the Kings have just 2 fouls and the Sonics just 4. Following the script that we said the officials would follow.
Seattle went to Lewis in the post the only shot the Kings are giving him is a tough fading turn around J.
With 1:45 AD missed a good look well executed pull up J in the lane. Thomas got a questionable timeout.
The Kings are going right at Allen with Mobley for the final possessions.
Is Bibby's ankle worse then the Kings let on?
Kings missed 3 of 6 free throws in key moments.
1:21 left AD draws the foul from Ostertag off the pick n roll. Misses both free throws.

SONICS 83 KINGS 74 with 2:53 left in the game.
Without Miller on the floor, the Kings have simply gone to one on one breakdown dribble game with Mobley at Allen or Peja at Lewis
Sacramento is out hustling Seattle are the Sonics tired?
It is pure half court basketball at this point.
Out of the timeout Seattle has run great plays and executed perfectly.
Ray Allen is a flipping stud.
Lewis defense on Peja has been great effort.
Great effort over the last 3 minutes may have secured a win.

SONICS 77 KINGS 70 with 5:52 left in the game
Bobby Jackson is on Ray Allen -- Allen promptly busted a three on him.
Huge play with 6:22 left Seattle had a chance to go up 9, but Lewis turned it over after he was double teamed.
Mike Bibby checks in with 6:04 left.
Who will Seattle go to in the clutch? The Kings are taking Lewis away. They are going to have to run the pick n roll and penterate and dish.
Lewis played really solid defense on Peja moments ago, forcing a miss
Seattle 9 of 33 from the field in the second half. What will they be the final 5 minutes?

SONICS 72 KINGS 68 with 9:33 left in the game
The Kings are doubling Lewis and taking him away from the post on Peja.
With no other scorers on the floor (Luke, AD, Lewis, Nick and the Fort) the Sonics look lost when they take the ball out of Lewis's hands.
Bobby Jackson on Ridnour. The Sonics were concerned with this.
Miller has the Kings entire offense rolling.
For the first time all game Seattle is getting beat on back cuts
Fatigue is an issue at this point and are the Sonics mentally tough enough to dig deep?

SONICS 70 KINGS 64 End of 3rd Quarter.
In the 4th Seattle needs to slow down the game and get the floor spread, to exploit the match-ups and get the Kings back into the half court.
The bigs have to contiue to set great picks, this is the time of the game guys will die on them.
The officials are going to swallow the whistle so get tough.
Stats: Seattle's offensive efficiency in the 3rd Q was just 72.
The Kings was 112

SONICS 70 KINGS 64 with 29.5 seconds left in the 3rd quarter
The Kings have rolled Brad Miller and Greg Ostertag on the floor at the same time. The Sonics have Collison and Fortson.
All of a sudden Seattle is one shot and out.
Miller adds the ability to conduct the offense from the elbow which is the key to the Kings offense.
Seattle has just 2 stops in the last 10 possessions -- a 22 to 7 run.

SONICS 69 KINGS 57 with 2:28 left in the 3rd quarter.
Lewis's post game is becoming flat out nasty. He is making shots that were unguardable. The Soncis could be really tough if he keeps this up.
Ostertag is having a huge impact on this game. He has impacted Seattle's offense a ton, on all the Sonics last three possessions the Sonics had to change their shots or routes to the basket.
He has also scored two buckets, but those are a fluke. He can be a huge defensive force.

DJ -- you are so right JJ is making millions tonight,

From Andy:
The sonics crashing the offensive boards is keep sac from getting out on the break.
This is a great point. The Kings are totally out of their game.

Sonics 65 Kings 46 with 6:00 left in the 3rd quarter
Great move by Nate to open the second half with a full court pressure on Bibby. It forced Seattle to maintain the energy.
James and Evans are dominating the inside in the opening moments of the second half.
The Sonics started the first quarter and teh third quarter with possessions that had 5 opportunites at the basket. They both finshied with James dunks.
Sacramento looks like a team that has never played together and the crazy thing is this group has never played together as a unit.
I am not sure I have ever seen a team crush another team on the boards the way Seattle is Sacramento. This isn't that surprising. Seattle is #1 in the NBA on the offensive glass and the Kings are the 3rd worst defenisve rebounding team

Pace of Play -- 44 trips -- very slow league average for a game is 93.7
Offensive Efficency -- Sonics 120
Defensive Efficency -- Sonics 91
Offensive Rebounding % - 56% -- amazing
Defensive Reboudning % - 50% -- terrible
Offensive Turnover % -- 11%
Defensve Turnover % -- 18% -- this is great since the Kings are #1 in the NBA
Offensive Effective Field Goal % - 48% -- Nothing special right on the season average.
Defensive Effective Field Goal% -- 36% -- that is out of this world.

SONICS 55 KINGS 40 at the half
Jerome James has been great. He and Reggie Evans have dominated the inside of this game on the glass and cutting off the pick n roll.
How can Adelman not use Ostertag? The guy impacts games.
The Sonics have knocked the Kings off of their offensive spots and made them look uncomfortable offensively.
A perfect half of basketball on both ends of the floor.
Rick Adelman did the typical poor me we are getting screwed Sacramento routine at the end of the half complaining to the officials about each and every call. They are being out worked and that is the issue.
That timeout by Nate looks even better now that they go to half with a 15 point lead.
Mike Bibby is really off his game he is 0 for 9 from the field.
The Kings shot just 32.7%

Great point by DJ -- super timeout by Nate. They have not gone back to Vlady for some reason.

Sonics 51 Kings 40 with 1:49 left in the 2nd Quarter.
I have preached slow slow slow game all year and today is the ultimate example. In the half court Seattle is playing great defense. The Kings only opportunites are coming on fast breaks or transitions.
The Kings have no one who can guard Ray Allen. When they went to Jackson he used his height, when he is guarded by Mobley he just kills him.
Wilkins has done a nice job guarding Peja
Seattle is slicing and dicing the Kings at will through the paint via the dribble and the pass
Seattle defensive glass work is the one area Seattle is under performing.
The Sonics need this lead to be double figures heading into the half.
Cutino Mobley has finally heated up hitting back to back jumpers.

Sonics 45 Sonics 30 with 5:40 left in the 2nd quarter
Seattle is killing the Kings on the pick n roll. AD is finding guys open on the roll. He is getting good looks. If the Kings have a plan it is not evident at this time.
This place just erupted when the Sonics got a steal and Ray Allen capped an open floor dunk.
It is a 6-0 run all on defense.
AD is doing everything on the floor right now. Running the offense. Making defensive stops.
The Sonics defense is holding the Kings to 31.6% shooting. Bibby is 0 for 6, Mobley is 1 for 5.

Sonics 41 Kings 30 with 7:00 left in the 2nd Quarter
My Kings X-Factor was Kenny Thomas and he is killing the Sonics right now. With an open floor and he is a tough guard because you have to body him and he is capable of putting it on the floor.
First moment of tension happened when Songaila close lined AD in the open floor after a great steal by AD. The officials called it a Flagrant 1. Within the next 4 games these two teams will have a great dislike (read: hatred) for each other. That is when it gets fun.
The Kings guards are doing nothing -- Bibby is 0 for 5 and Mobley is 1 for 5.

Sonics 37 Kings 26 with 8:58 left in the 2nd Quarter
The floor spacing by the Sonics has been terrific. The Kings are putting up little resistance.
The Sonics have executed their game plan on Kenny Thomas and Mike Bibby perfectly.
Rashard Lewis just picked up his third foul. We are going to find out what type of shape Vlady is in. We taked about the officials being tight early and letting it go as the game develops. That is taking place and Rashard did not adapt.
Seattle's shooting is still at a remarkable pace, 51%. It will cool off and how they react will determine the game.
Scoring is going to be tough here -- the on floor 5 is Ridnour, Daniels, Wilkins, Nick and JJ. This won't last.

Sonics 30 Kings 22 End of 1 Quarter
Great first quarter. Seattle dictated the entire quarter. They forced the action, they were hitting first on every possession.
Seattle's offensive efficiecny in the 1st quarter was 139 --- season average of 109
The Sonics reboudning rate was 60% of offensive rebounds. Kings got 39%.
Shooting Seattle 52% and the Kings shot 32%
There was no sign of nerves and inexperience, but will show if it does in the 4th Q.
Allen took Jackson to the post to draw an early foul
The scouting report says don't let Peja go left and he nailed two nasty threes going to his left.
Fortson and Miller were throwing each other everywhere.
Will Nate be able to trust Danny in the final minutes of a close game to not lose it?

Sonics 22 Kings 16 with 2:12 left in the 1st Q
The Kings have put Bobby Jackson on Ray Allen
Kings have hit 7 of 23 whereas the Sonics 10 of 21.
Early the Sonics did a great job of not letting the Kings to get into their offense.
Seattle still dominating the glass

Sonics 19 Kings 12 with 3:50 left in the 1st Q
Valdy made his return at the 4:44 mark. Lewis checked out with 2 fouls
Brad Miller and Bobby Jackson checked in at the 4:10 mark.
The crowd is amazing.

Sonics 9 Kings 1 with 8:00 left in 1st Q
Great start. Sonics area exploiting the Lewis - Peja match-up.
Jerome James help defense has been incredible -- two blocks
The Kings are doubling Lewis in the post. That will open other guys and make Vlady more dangerous.
Sonics have 100% of thier potential offensive rebounds in the opening 4 minutes.

Give Mike Bibby numerous different looks and direct him the way the Sonics want
Force Cutino Mobley to put the ball on the floor
Force Peja to go to his right.
Take away Kenny Thomas jump shot and force him to put it on the floor
Push Miller off the elbow
Keep on the ball side shoulder of the Kings offensive players
Take Bobby Jackson to his left


INJURY UPDATE at 6:06 pm
Vlady Radmanovic, with a crazy near hairdo, looked terrific in his warm-ups. Brad Miller is on the floor with a huge air cast on his left leg. It looks very limiting. Peja has yet to take the floor.

Offensive Rating: Sonics are 109 (#2 in NBA) and the Kings 108 (#5)
Defensive Rating: Sonics are 108 (#25) and the Kings 107 (#22)
Effective FG%: Sonics are 49.5%(#5) and the Kings 49.6% (#4)
Defensive EFG%: Sonics are 49.6% (#23) and the Kings are 49.3% (#22)
Offensive TO%: Sonics are 13.3% (#7) and the Kings are 12.6% (#1)
Defensive TO%: Sonics are 14% (#22) and the Kings are 14% (#19)

Pace of Play: Sonics play 90 trips per game (#27) and the Kings play 90 (#7)
Offensive Reb %: Soncis grab 32.8% (#1) and the Kings grab 29% (#14)
Defensive Reb %: Sonics grab 71% (#16) and the Kings grab 69% (#28)

Stat Sups --- Kings
Offensive Rating: 115 – 109
EFG% 49% -- 51%
Offensive Reb% 34% -- 26%
Turnover % 12% -- 12%
FTA per game 36 -- 25


Andy said...

Who is playing? And who is really playing hurt?

Vlade? Lewis? Miller? Peja? Bojax? Skinner?

Did you get any looks at them today? I heard miller is going to dress.

Leslie Monteiro said...

Good luck to the Sonics tonight and in this series!

I expect them to do well.


With my Timberwolves out of the playoffs, I am rooting for the Sonics. They remind me of the Wolves from last year in terms of how they run their offense and how they play for each other.

John said...

The way Sac has played we should be up by 15 i'm concerned that Sac is down only 8

DJ Chameleon said...

I love how the Sonics are dominating the boards. Even Jerome is getting some boards. This is an underated reason for the Sonics turnaround this year.

DJ Chameleon said...

Nice little run by the Kings. Great time out by Nate. In the playoffs you pull the trigger on time outs quicker. Can't allow momentum to shift. Time to bring vlady in for Damien.

Very likely we sill score out of time out. Nate has great record for scoring on plays out of time outs.

DJ Chameleon said...

Jerome James has 9 points and 8 rebounds. HUGE.

Am I all alone here?

Sonics 54
Sacramento 40

Pick & Roll running great. Offensive rebounding Great. Defense holding up well. So far so good.

DJ Chameleon said...

Predictions with 6.9 seconds left.

Locke will hilight few sonics turnovers and many rebounds in first half.

Andy said...

Kings are playing like crap. Bibby looks like he read his press clippings all week.

The sonics crashing the offensive boards is keep sac from getting out on the break.

Adelman can't be happy with the officiating and he probably has a legit beef...but crap rick...worry about bibby...he is the reason you are down 15.

Look for the kings to try to pick up the tempo in the second half and take some chances. Bibby and Cat will start the 3rd quarter firing up shots.

No king is playing well...they should be happy to be down *only* 15.

Sonics get the ball to start the 3rd...

And dammit...why the hell can't a major freaking leaguer lay down a freaking bunt!!!!

DJ Chameleon said...

Nate's extensive playoff playing experience is showing in his playoff coaching. He is keeping his cool and pressing all the right buttons. The way our coaching staff has prepared the players for this game is spectacular and the execution has been perfect so far.

As long as the Sonics maintain intensity and play the game right as Karl would say we are in great shape.

DJ Chameleon said...

Jerome is playing one of his occasional great games that make you pull your hair out and wonder why they don't happen more often.

Wow. Great putback by Jerome.

Got to prevent Mobley from heating up. He killed us last game against Sacramento when he hit 6 three balls.

DJ Chameleon said...

Jerome litterly is adding a million or more dollars to his next contract tonight. Someone will foolishly believe he is capable of doing this more often. I am just going to b egrateful Jerome is playing so well tonight.

DJ Chameleon said...

I am a little worried Jerome is going to go crazy shooting the ball. He is only 5 of 16 right now.

Good time out. Let's see if we can reverse this little run by the Kings like we did with a few minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

DJ Chameleon said...

If lead drops to 10 time to call another time out. Don't like how well Kings are executing right now.

Andy said...

wow...down to 12...and it is not like the kings are playing any better. Sonics better not relax. My rule of thumb is...if you are down a point per minute left in the game you can come back without deviating from your game plan.

Andy said...

Kings definately are playing better now. Ostertag and Miller on the floor has completely taken away the offensive boards.

Amazing...could be a 3 point game going into the 4th...and the kings start with the ball.

Andy said...

Mike bibby...1-13 3 points 3 assists.


DJ Chameleon said...

Now is an opportunity for our playoff rookies to prove they can get it done when the pressure is on.

I still like our position but we need to crash the boards and execute the pick and roll with the kick out to Vlady at the three point line. We have not done that much this game yet and it has been very successful all year. He hit many 4th quarter daggers off that play.

Andy said...

What a difference with ostertag and miller. Goota wonder though how many minutes they can play. Kings have a lot of timeouts though.

John said...

Nick Collison is very slow in his rotations, I'm surprised we have not seen Vitaly. Nick seems a little bit overwhelmed w/the playoffs

DJ Chameleon said...

Vlady has only played 13 minutes so far. The threat of his three point range would really open up the pick & roll and help our offensive rebounding as Locke has pointed out before by opeining up the rebounding lanes as bigs have to close out on Vlady and Rashard on the outside.

Clearly Vlady has not regained his conditioning yet. I believe Nate is resting Vlady for a six minute run to end the game.

DJ Chameleon said...


Andy said...

Miller coming out was huge...totally changed the game. Sonics are able to crash the offensive boards again.

DJ Chameleon said...

Danny & Nick only have 1 rebound each. Jerome & Reggie have 27 rebounds, rest of team only 13. Cause for concern.

Need Vlady to step uo or we might kick this game away.

DJ Chameleon said...

I am worried there may be something wrong with Vlady for Nae to sit him this long. Appears we are back inn control up 9 with 4:34 left and ball out of bounds.

Anonymous said...

jerome james 25 mins / 19 shots. If that continues in the series we're in trouble

Andy said...

Another huge miss by bibby which would have cut the lead to 4.

He is 1-15 now with only 3 points.

DJ Chameleon said...

Three guard line-up has turned the game around. I thought we needed to bring Vlady in to turn the tide but this is working so far.

2:53 left and a 9 point lead. We have been great at closing out these games all year. Does not feel like they are giving in to playoff presure.

DJ Chameleon said...

Penalty situation may hurt us. Fortunately only 19 seconds left before we have a foul to give.

Andy said...

I cant believe that Miller is not in the game.

DJ Chameleon said...

Badly missed free throws. Only played 27 minutes but looks tired.

Three pointer with 42.4.

8-0 run. Now is when we must execute out of the time out.

I am still looking for the pick & roll and the rotation pass to the three point line.

Pic & roll by Antonio & Rashard with the kick out to Ray Gun for a three from the right corner.

Hope I really am Psycic.

DJ Chameleon said...

I was right about the pick & roll on the left side by Antonio & Rashard, just guessed wrong about the rotation pass. Thank god Jerome didn't lose that ball.

Andy said...

Kings made a huge mistake there by forcing the 3. Great perimeter d by the sonics.

DJ Chameleon said...

Good perimiter defense. Forced tough three by Mobley and Bibby airballed a three he shouldn't have even taken with 10 seconds left.

Unbelievable that Bibby of all people would crack under the playoff pressure and hand us the first game in the series.

DJ Chameleon said...

Very slow tempo game. Just how we like it.

Locke, thanks for getting me hooked on 82Games.Com by the way.

DJ Chameleon said...

Game over.

87 - 82.

Good win.

DJ Chameleon said...

OK, thanks for the interview with Vlady. Now we know why he didn't come back in in the forth quarter.

He was on a strict minute limit.

Jerome earned himself a lot of money. Odd as it sounds, his game tonight virtually guarantees he will not be with the Sonics next year. We are on a tight budget trying to sign as many key free agents as possible. With Jerome's game tonight he probably just priced himself out of our off season plans.

Patrick said...

Hey David-

I'm traveling in Vancouver, BC and was dismayed that the Sonics game wasn't on TV up here. (But the M's were - go figure).

Reading through your game log was awesome. Just like being there.

I was a fan of yours in SLC and continue here in Seattle.


Leslie Monteiro said...

The Supersonics should feel very fortunate to get this win this evening as they were able to survive Sacramento's surge in the fourth quarter. Jerome James came through with a big point when Sacramento cut the lead to 83-82. That point was huge as Seattle was able to get out of this with a win.

Speaking of Jerome, he was fantastic out there. He did the dirty work defensively and got the big points when he had to. Ray Allen was fantastic too in this game. He played like a polish veteran out there.

You have to hand it to Sacramento. They were resillent. They found ways to get back in this game and they almost stole this game. Kings did not play well and they did not great performance from their guards. Mobley was horrible and Bibby looked like he was in pain. That ankle injury has affected his speed and his ability to shoot. That could be difference in this series and that's why I pick the Sonics to win this series. Bibby is a huge part of their offense and if he can't get it going, you can forget about the Kings winning.

While I give credit the Kings for making the most out of this game, props to the Sonics for come through with big shots and big defensive stops.

They needed this win and they could not afford to blow this lead tonight. They got it done tonight.