Friday, August 03, 2007

Baseball hypocrisy on Bonds

I don't disagree with anyone who talks about Bonds as petulant ass.

However, I find the way baseball is treating his quest for the home run record despicable. The fact is Bonds has never failed a test for steroids by Major League Baseball. Why, because baseball didn't test. Why, because baseball had no steroid policy. Why, because Bud Selig and baseball conscientiously put their head in the sand about an obvious steroid issue. Why, because baseball was in such desperate need of a pulse that it was willing to allow performance enhancing drugs to bring the fans back.

Therefore, for Bud Selig and the baseball world to stand on some ethical plateau on the issue of Bonds breaking the home run record is one of the greatest acts of hypocrisy that the game has even seen.


OBF said...

The way the LEAGUE is treating Bonds may be wrong, because of the way they looked the other way.

But I AS A FAN, the integrity of Baseball itself, the all time records, and espeacially Henry Aaron and every other clean ball player have every RIGHT to be out raged!

Frankly I could care less if The front office basically condoned the use of steroids, I Never have and never will, so to me, until A-Rod breaks it, the all time home run record is 755 and is held by Hank Aaron.

Barry who? Never heard of him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Locke.

And the league juiced the ball too trying to avoid going the way of hockey. I understand that from business viewpoint but it is still slimey. Selig's very fat paycheck is tainted.

Investigate players consistent with laws and league policies. Investigate the league for the same and for deceptive, harmful to the game activity.

tvc jr said...

Baseball knew steroids were out there. When they tested, when every one knew the date of the test, and therefore the user could have the steroid cycle through, earlier in the decade, 7 % failed, and Selig stated Bonds wasn't one of them. IN the 90's allegations about the Astros using "roids" didn't get any play. Biggio and Bagwell (sp) looked pretty cut up didn't they.

If Baseball, and the joke of a commissioner are going to throw stones at a player, who always mistrusted the media, and let them know, then let them look to your own teams before you pass judgment.

In addition, Bonds hit 755 this night, and the commissioner in effect protested it. He put his hands in his pockets, then refused to talk on the national broadcast. Why then was he there? to drink Pina Coladas? He is the commissioner, he put his sport in jeopardy, if Bonds used "the clear" as the book in San Francisco suggests, he was a LATE user of the substances, not a pioneer. The person on watch while it was rampant, Bud the joke Selig.