Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wild what if .....

This is way out of the box and I get that but just in the food for thought category.

Bill Simmons of ESPN writes about how badly officiated Game 3 of the Spurs v. Suns was in the Western Conference Playoffs.

We now know that Tim Donaghy was one of the officials of that mysteriously officiated game.

So what if .......
What if Donaghy did alter the outcome of the game and thus altered the outcome of the series.
What if the Suns would have defeated the Spurs, thus meaning the Spurs were not the World Champions instead the Suns or the Jazz would have gone to the Finals.

Would have ....
Would the Sonics still have followed the Spurs model or would the Suns have been the more in vogue team to follow
Would the Sonics hired David Griffin from Phoenix instead of Sam Presti.
Would the Sonics still hired PJ or would they have been hotter for Ivaranoi?

Is it possible Tim Donaghy influenced things all the way into the Sonics re-structuring of their organization.

Yes, this is a stretch and the Sonics hired good people to turn the organization around but I thought it was an interesting exercise.

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courtsense said...

I'm glad everything played out the way it did. Under Sam Presti, the Sonics have finally abandoned that ridiculous idea of building a high-scoring/high-yield team similar to the Mavs and the Suns. Yeah, it's fun to watch - but have they ever actually won anything? Think their fans are getting a little tired of 55-60 win seasons that always end badly? Even Karl's '95-'96 Sonics played defense - but they got beat by the best team MJ ever had.

All things considered, I'd rather be the Sonics right now: building a solid cast around a great young player, and most importantly with a defensive mentality. Durant will win a title before Nowitzki. Nash might get there someday, but only if they learn to stop somebody.

Griffin and Iavaroni would've been a big mistake. We'd still have Ray and Rashard and Durant, putting up 120 and giving up 121. No thanks.