Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Hornets 104 Sonics 99 -- Final Score
The Sonics made a nice flurry late in the game but they lost the necessary focus to win this game in the third and fourth quarters
It seemed to me this game changed to open the 2nd half when it was clear the Hornets were playing for their playoff lives and the Sonics were just playing, playing hard but not with the same tenacity.
The rebounding told the story the Sonics got crushed on the defensive glass. At the half the Sonics had allowed 50% of the defensive rebounds to go the Hornets and that didn’t really change throughout the game they finished with 51% defensive rebounding rate. That is terrible --- truly terrible.
Only appropriately the Sonics got a miss that would have given them a chance to tie down three but the Sonics couldn’t garner the defensive rebound and the Hornets preserved their win.
By the end of the night the Sonics defensive rating was not awful but they allowed too many free throws along with the rebounding woes. The Hornets are one of the worst shooting teams in the NBA and the Sonics took advantage of that but couldn’t finsh the deal.
Chris Wilcox left with a sprained ankle but before that was quiet for the second straight night. If Wilcox is going to be great he needs to expand his game so that it can translate to all match-ups.
Mark Jackson can’t beat you.

Hornets 73 Sonics 69 with 5:13 left in the 3rd
Seattle is getting crushed on the boards
Robert Swift must get stronger and he must gain stamina tonight was a night that really showed all of his weaknesses. For a young player he is not good on the back end of back to backs; strength and fatigue are an issue for his future.
Petro doesn’t have a great feel for space on the floor and is letting his man get too much room around the hoop.
The Sonics are just hitting threes to stay in the game. If you believe in the game will reward you theory the Sonics are in trouble.

Sonics 45 Hornets 45 with 4:50 left in the 2nd Quarter
Bad sign for Seattle they are shooting 60% from the field and are tied
The Hornets are on a 15-4 run
Lewis missed back to back threes in a mysterious fashion as both skimmed the bottom of the front of rim and went straight down.
No Petro in the second quarter as Hill went to Mikki Moore. Moore is playing well.
Wilcox is a 7 pts and 5 rebs

Sonics 29 Hornets 24 – end of 1 Quarter
Game gained some pace finally at the end of the Q
KC talked about Chris Paul as Tim Hardaway what about Kevin Johnson
Sonics shoot 55% from the field in the 1st Quarter
Rashard has been very good with 9 points
Speedy Claxton is one of the leagues most underrated players

Sonics 18 Hornets 12 with 5:22 in the 1st Quarter
Hornets leading scorer and reboudner David West is not playing tonight
I love Desmond Mason but he really is one of the worst offensive players in the NBA
The Sonics have started well.
It is impressive on the back end of a back to back that they aren’t jogging through this with nothing on the line.
Swift needs to get stronger and when he does he will start finishing down low and be quicker with his jumps.

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