Monday, April 17, 2006


The Seattle Supersonics just announced that they will pick up the option for Bob Hill for next season. Hill has given the Sonics a personality and a style. In addition, while being a precarious situation Hill committed to developing the young talent and advancing the franchise regardless of the pain the team endured at time.

Hill brings a confidence to the Sonics that was desperately needed. He believes in his systems. He believes in his ability to convey his message and he believes that he can turn this team into a winning franchise.

What Hill was able to accomplish without a training camp and limited practice days was very impressive. The offense changed dramatically the way it approached the game and has continued to execute at an insanely high level. Defensively, the team showed noticeable improvement both in effort and approach from earlier in the season.

With a complete training camp next season and the failure of this season to use as a constant reminder Hill could really turn this franchise quickly. Most importantly, for the young players, there is no mystery in what will be expected from them in there development.

This is another good day in a season of recovery from a dreadful beginning.

Bob Hill is scheduled to join Locked on Sports tonight at 8:10 pm.

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How many years? How much money?