Friday, February 10, 2006


Sonics 99 Hawks 91 --- FINAL SCORE
Damien Wilkins scored 11 staright points for the Sonics
He has a career high 26 points and 12 of 13 from the free throw line
Nick Collison was the key to the game and he had a career high 13 rebounds
The Sonics had a lull in the 3rd Quarter but otherwise were very good tonight
The Hawks were unable to find the match-ups that I thought they were going to be able to exploit.
The Hawks isolated Harrington on the wing guarded by Collison and he forced him into a jumper and the Hawks never went to it again.

Sonics 83 Hawks 83 with 6:19 left in the 4th Quarter
Flip Murray was -15 in his last stint
Nick Collison is the reason the Sonics are in the game
Neither team can grab a defensive rebound.

Hawks 78 Sonics 76 at the end of 3 Quarters
7 turnovers by the Sups in the 3rd Quarter
A total and colossal collapse by the Sonics
The Hawks scored on their final 6 possessions of the Quarter to close on a 13-2 run.
That is terrible
I am nervous about this. The Hawks have some half court match-ups that we can’t guard and I am not sure we have the same without Rashard Lewis on the floor.
If they isolate Al Harrington we can’t guard it.
Joe Johnson may be able to penetrate.

Sonics 58 Hawks 56 with 7:04 left in the 3rd Quarter
Sonics are in a lull and it could be dangerous.
I am not sure I understand what Atlanta is doing. Why aren’t they isolating Al Harrington on Nick Collison and trying to draw him into foul trouble. They have done it once and got an easy lay-up.
10-2 Hawks run.

Sonics 52 Hawks 44 at the half
Great second quarter of basketball
The Sonics are playing very well defensively and it is opening up opportunities.
Nick Collison has been a total stud – 15 pts 7 rebs
Strong strong performance
Rashard has not come out to warm up for the second half

Sonics 46 Hawks 44 with 1:54 left in the 2nd Quarter
Nick Collison is playing great tonight. I mean great. His defensive rebounding changes everything. Swift needs Nick on the floor. Nick is always in the right place and it give Robert some freedom.
Lewis has not returned.
This is a really fun game, thus far. Great pace. Great energy. Great action

Sonics 38 Hawks 37 with 5:20 left in the 2nd Quarter
Rashard Lewis is in the locker-room with a thigh contusion
Damien Wilkins is a totally different player under Bob Hill
There is a really good energy in the building tonight
Not sure why Nick has re-entered the game yet after his brilliant first quarter
The Sonics ran their best fast break of the season on a Wilkins/Murray back and forth with the ball never touching the floor and finishing on a Wilkins dunk

Hawks 28 Sonics 26 at the end of 1 Quarter
Josh Childress may have the ugliest shot I have seen in the NBA. I love his game, but then when he shoots it is so terrible looking that it makes you cringe.
Vlady has been aggressive going to the basket thus far coming off the bench
It is a very high tempo game
Nick had a brilliant first quarter 11 pts 4 of 4 shooting and 3 rebounds.
Luke is 0 for 5 but has 3 steals.

Sonics 16 Hawks 14 with 6:15 left in the 1st Quarter
This is going to be a heavy transition game as neither team gets back well.
Nick Collison is very active and getting great slips to the basket from Ray Allen.
The Hawks ran a pick and roll with Johnson and Harrington and the Sonics look like they are going to have a tough time with that play
Great block by Robert Swift helping down low on Joe Johnson
Opposing bigs are just killing the Sonics young kids

1) Nick Collison at the power forward matching up on Al Harrington
2) Both teams are great offensive rebounding teams and both are poor defensive rebounding teams. Who wins that battle wins the game
3) Marvin Williams homecoming


AK1984 said...

Well, I expect Atlanta Hawks center Zaza Pachulia and power forward Al Harrington to expose the weaknesses within the Seattle Supersonics interior defense. As it is, sadly, 'sonic centers Johan Petro and Robert Swift aren't solid defenders in the post.

Anyhow, the following are trade proposals that, if completed by Seattle Supersonics GM Rick Sund, would greatly improve the franchise in both the present and the future:

From Chicago/To Seattle:
Power Forward Tim Thomas ($13,975,000)
Small Forward Luol Deng ($2,443,920)
2006 First-Round Draft Pick
2006 First-Round Draft Pick [Via The New York Knicks]

From Seattle/To Chicago:
Small Forward Rashard Lewis ($8,571,429)
Power Forward Danny Fortson ($6,415,584)

From Denver/To Seattle:
Point Guard Earl Watson ($5,000,000)

From Seattle/To Denver:
Center Vitaly Potapenko ($3,000,000)
Point Guard Rick Brunson ($1,029,873)
Shooting Guard Ronald Murray ($895,248)
Power Forward Peter Fehse (Draft Rights)
Small Forward Mickael Gelabale (Draft Rights)
Point Guard Paccelis Morlende (Draft Rights)

From Minnesota/To Seattle:
Small Forward Ronald Dupree ($719,373)
Shooting Guard Richie Frahm ($719,373)
Shooting Guard Bracey Wright ($398,762)
2006 Second-Round Draft Pick [Via The Phoenix Suns]

From Seattle/To Minnesota:
Power Forward Reggie Evans ($1,100,000)
Center Mikki Moore ($1,020,000)

Center: Robert Swift ($1,764,480) {24 m.p.g.}
Center: Johan Petro ($936,600) {24 m.p.g.}
Power Forward: Nick Collison ($1,815,000) {32 m.p.g.}
Power Forward: Vladimir Radmanovic ($3,166,155) {16 m.p.g.}
Power Forward: Tim Thomas ($13,975,000) {Inactive}
Small Forward: Luol Deng ($2,443,920) {32 m.p.g.}
Small Forward: Damien Wilkins ($2,500,000) {16 m.p.g.}
Small Forward: Ronald Dupree ($719,373) {0 m.p.g.}
Shooting Guard: Ray Allen ($13,223,140) {40 m.p.g.}
Shooting Guard: Richie Frahm ($719,373) {8 m.p.g.}
Shooting Guard: Bracey Wright ($398,762) {NBDL}
Point Guard: Earl Watson ($5,000,000) {32 m.p.g.}
Point Guard: Luke Ridnour ($1,638,000) {16 m.p.g.}
Point Guard: Mateen Cleaves (N/A) {0 m.p.g.}

Center: Robert Swift ($1,887,600) {24 m.p.g.}
Center: Johan Petro ($1,006,800) {24 m.p.g.}
Center: Hilton Armstrong (Second-Round Draft Pick) {NBDL}
Power Forward: LaMarcus Aldridge (First-Round Draft Pick) {32 m.p.g.}
Power Forward: Nick Collison ($2,501,070) {16 m.p.g.}
Power Forward: J.P. Batista (Second-Round Draft Pick) {NBDL}
Small Forward: Luol Deng ($2,614,400) {32 m.p.g.}
Small Forward: Damien Wilkins ($2,700,000) {16 m.p.g.}
Small Forward: Bobby Jones (Second-Round Draft Pick) [NBDL]
Shooting Guard: Ray Allen ($14,611,570) {40 m.p.g.}
Shooting Guard: J.J. Redick (First-Round Draft Pick) {8 m.p.g.}
Shooting Guard: Bracey Wright ($664,209) {0 m.p.g.}
Point Guard: Earl Watson ($5,400,000) {32 m.p.g.}
Point Guard: Luke Ridnour ($2,425,878) {16 m.p.g.}
Point Guard: Randy Foye (First-Round Draft Pick) {0 m.p.g.}

Anonymous said...

Those are some of the dumbest trades I have seen. Do every body a favior and shoot your self right now.

Myk said...

Hmmm strange trades, how does this make Seattle better again?? Evans won't agree to be traded unless it is a team with enough cap space to pay him more than the mid level next year.

Basically with all these trades you are saying that it would be better to get rid of an All-Star (Lewis) to get draft picks in one of the weakest drafts in recent history...

Myk said...

So here is my question...why are the Sonics so bad? You look at last years team and compare it to this years team and it doesn't seem like the changes should be so drastic.

1) Jerome James for Petro/Swift is probably a wash (right?)

2) I am not sure you can say it really is coaching since both Nate and Casey don't seem to be shining in their new homes.

3) Was Daniels really the most important piece of the team?

If it is number three does that mean the Sonics just need to tweak the team a little and find a new guy who plays like Daniels did last year? It looks like Rashard is actually better this year and Ray is still pretty is interesting to see how even the littlest changes can effect a professional basketball team.

AK1984 said...

Rashard Lewis (Net Efficiency Rating: +4.6, On-Court/Off-Court +/-: +2.9 & Roland Rating: +4.1) is less productive than Ray Allen (Net Efficiency Rating: +10.5, On-Court/Off-Court +/-: +11.9 & Roland Rating: +10.9).

Furthermore, Luol Deng (Net Efficiency Rating: +4.9, On-Court/Off-Court +/-: +5.1 & Roland Rating: +4.9) -- much to the surprise of many -- is also more productive than Lewis.

In fact, Lewis is one of the most vastly overrated and overvalued players in the NBA.

Myk said...


- I think we all agree that Ray is better than Rashard...

- How do +/- ratios get effected when your team has a few really bad losses? It seems like if a team won or lost most of their games by 5 or so they would have players with better +/- then a team that has lost by 30 a few times. I know that you could also say that the loss by 30 could count against Rashard (or whatever player) but I just dont see how you would want Deng over him....

- However, after I say that from what I heard Chicago likes Deng and wouldn't include him in some trades this year. I still think the biggest problems with your trades is you are trying to accumulate draft picks in a very weak draft (JMO)