Monday, June 13, 2005


The Spurs touched as close to perfection as any team can in the NBA Finals last night. This team is showing signs of being one of the most all around and greatest teams the NBA has seen. They can play any style, there is no weakness to be exposed and they play picture perfect defense that the NBA has rarely seen. Maybe the most remarkable number is the Spurs have gone 13 games in the NBA Finals in their history without yielding 90 points in a game
However, before we throw this series away let throw out a thought or two. The Spurs looked this good against the Sonics in Games 1 and 2 and Seattle was able to even the series and the Pistons are a better team then the Sonics. The Pistons win by going to the free throw line, I told you this before the series started. They have not been going to the line at all in San Antonio and they are going to be more aggressive and get more calls when they are in Detroit.
So, yes the Spurs have been unreal, but let’s not jump to insane leaps of finality yet.

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